Healthier Winter Skin In 5 Quick Steps

Now that autumn is just about to begin, it’s necessary to start looking forward to winter. There are a lot
of things you need to start doing now to prepare for the coldest season, especially when it comes to
home maintenance, but one thing that many women often forget about is that they need to take
extra special care of their skin through the winter. All of the cold, dry winter can play havoc with our
skin, and you might find that you suffer from a lot more breakouts or dry patches than usual.
Thankfully, these five quick steps should help you maintain beautiful skin throughout the colder months.

Check Your Heating

First of all, it’s worth checking out your home’s heating system. Lowering the temperature slightly will
reduce dryness in the air which could be drying out your skin. If you think there is an issue with the
whole system, call your local firm that offers heating and air conditioning services as any imbalance
in your home’s air and temperature could be messing with your skin. You might even want to add a
dehumidifier to add extra moisture to the air.

Don’t Have Long Showers

Do you enjoy warming up with a long, relaxing showers? Well, it might be time to give them up
unfortunately as they could also be bad for your skin this winter. Ideally, your face will come out
best after a lukewarm shower that lasts no longer than ten minutes. Remember, if the water
makes your skin turn red, it is too hot, and could leave you feeling irritated.

Go For Fragrance-Free Skin Products

When you are choosing new skincare products this winter, make sure none of them have any
fragrance in them. The weather will already be drying out your skin, and all of this fragrance
could dry it out even further. In fact, reducing the number of times you clean your face through the
week in the winter will actually help to prevent skin dryness.

Keep On Moisturizing

Hopefully, you are already moisturizing your skin on a daily basis. You need to keep up this habit
once the weather turns cold, and if you currently moisturize with a lotion, it’s best to switch to a
cream in the colder weather. It’s not just your face that will need all this extra moisture, though -
don’t forget about your lips and hands!

Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen

You might think that there isn’t much point in wearing sunscreen once the summer has disappeared,
but you’d be wrong. In fact, failing to continue applying it during the winter is one of the biggest
mistakes that most women make. You need to still wear it as all that unhealthy UV light is still in the
atmosphere even on cold and cloudy days. Not applying it often will cause your skin to dry out and it
could even increase your risk of developing skin cancer.

If you stick to these five quick steps, your skin should be silky smooth all winter!

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