Remedies To Help Soothe The Skin

Rashes can be super annoying. They are often in the form of small red bumps that can often break out
on the skin and make it look very swollen. Appearing almost anywhere on the body, they can
sometimes seem to come from nowhere. They can be quite embarrassing if they appear on the
face they find them on their face, especially if it looks very red and visible.

Thankfully, though, many skin irritations can be easy to treat once you know how. Read on for some of
the best treatments you can do yourself at home.

Compress With Something Cold

First of all, it’s worth using something cold, such as a damp face cloth or a bag of frozen peas
wrapped in a tea towel. You can press this cold item onto the surface of the irritation. All of the
coldness should help it go down a bit. Plus, it should reduce the irritation for a little while. Ideally,
keep the cold item pressed to the affected area for up to ten minutes at a time. Repeat as much as you need to.

Use Anti-Itch Cream

There are plenty of anti-itch remedies that you can buy over the counter to apply yourself at home.
If you would rather not rub a cream into the rash, you could buy some anti-irritation solution that you
can add to a bath. These creams and solutions should relieve the itchiness for a while, so that you
won’t feel the need to scratch so much.

Figure Out The Cause

Next, it’s necessary to try and figure out why the irritation has appeared in the first place. There are various reasons why people suffer from outbreaks, and knowing the exact cause of yours can help you find the best treatment. If your rash is a symptom of a malfunctioning thyroid, for instance, it’s worth finding a local thyroid specialist so that you can visit them for treatment. In some cases, skin irritation is the result of an allergic reaction, so you might need to find out what it is exactly that you are allergic to.

Use Some Witch Hazel

One great home remedy that has been used for decades against skin irritation is witch hazel. You should be able to find this in an oil form in most health-food and wellness stores. You simply need to rub it onto the affected area, and the redness and itchiness should immediately go down. If you have witch hazel trees near your home, you could even make up some of your own solution using this recipe. See Your Doctor For A Prescription Cream If none of the above seems to help improve your skin, you might need to go to the doctor to see about getting a prescription cream. These creams are stronger and should help your rash go away in just a few days. Your doctor will also be able to advise you just in case your symptoms need further treatment. Skin irritations can be nasty, but the tips above should help you solve yours for good!

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