Preparing Your Home for Emergencies

Sometimes no matter how much we prepare and plan for things, disaster can strike. And this can
have a big impact on our lives, especially when it is a disaster with our homes. With that in mind, you
should still plan for and be ready for the unexpected. Then you can help you, your home, and your
family to keep safe and be looked after. So here are some tools and things to be thinking about,
to help you to plan and have a plan for when things go wrong.

One of the things that you should start with is getting an emergency bag together. It can be a bag
full of essentials that you can grab at short notice should you need to leave your home.
Some of the things that can be in it could be thing like torches, matches, batteries, food, chargers,
clothing, and money. Another good idea can be to have a list of emergency numbers compiled.
If you have a short notice disaster, then you don’t want to have to spend time looking for a
24/7 blocked drains service or a plumber, for example. Other contacts could be family members,
the doctor’s office, and school or work phone numbers, as well as things like insurers.
Do you have a list like this at the moment?

Here are some other items that you could kit your home out with to help you prepare, and hopefully
avoid, an emergency.

Water Alarms

These are a little known item that can be a lifesaver to stop flooding in your home. Not to mention that
water damage can lead to a lot of expense when there is a lot of damage. You place
water alarms under the sink or behind the fridge, as it will detect moisture and can indicate where
water is gathering and leaking. They will detect the slightest hint at moisture, so they can be an easy

Fire Extinguisher

Getting a fire extinguisher in the home can be another easy win to help you deal with a fire in the
home easily (only when it is safe to do so, of course). So it can be an easy win. The key thing is
making sure that you are using the right extinguisher for the medium that you are using (for example,
not using a water extinguisher on an electrical fire). You can get some multi-use extinguishers, so
that could be the best solution for at home.

Battery Smoke Detector

Smoke detectors in the home are a no-brainer, right? But many people make the error of only
having a wired up smoke detector. If there was to be an electricity cut at the same time as a fire,
then it isn’t going to set the alarm off is it? So look for battery powered ones where possible.
It can be a good idea to have one on each floor of the home at least.

Hopefully, you won’t have to use any of these things. But it is way better to be safe than sorry.

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