Staying Cool In The Summer Heat

We all love a bit of sunshine, but when the temperatures become too hot for too long,
things can start to get very uncomfortable. Finding ways to stay cool as the temperatures
rise is important, and fortunately, there are some tried and tested things you can do that will
help you keep cool throughout the summer months.

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Take a look at these tops tips for staying cool in the summer heat.

Drink plenty of water

The heat can make you dehydrated, which can lead to some serious health problems. Keeping a
bottle of water by your side throughout the day will help to keep you cool and help
prevent headaches and sunstroke while you’re out and about. Buy a bottle designed to
keep your water cool for a longer period of time, or freeze a plastic bottle to ensure ice cold water.
Keep some by your bed for those hot and humid nights, as you’ll likely need a good drink when you
wake up after sweating during the night.

Cool down your home throughout the day

Keeping your home cool during the day will help make it more bearable at night. There are things you
can do such as closing your curtains and opening the windows to stop your home from heating up and to
make sure plenty of air circulates throughout the day.

Invest in fans

Fans are a more economical alternative to air conditioning, avoiding many of the potential health
problems that can occur from having the aircon on throughout the day. If you suffer through long,
hot summers every year, then get some ceiling fans from - you won’t regret it.
You can also get desk fans to put by your bedside table to help keep you cool as you’re trying to sleep.

Wear loose clothing made from natural materials

Nobody likes to feel hot, comfortable and sweaty, so learning how to dress for summer can help you
to feel cooler on even the balmiest of days. Choose breathable fabrics like cotton or linen which will
keep you cool, or even choose workout clothes that are designed to keep you dry from sweat. Stick to
lighter colors throughout the summer, as darker ones tend to absorb heat from the sun, leaving you
feeling even hotter.

Cool down for sleep

Our bodies need to be cooler in order to sleep effectively at night. From putting your bed sheets in the
freezer to spraying your bed down with some water before you get in it - there are different methods
you can try to help make sleeping in the heat easier. Take a cool shower before bed to help bring your
body temperature down, and to help you feel cleaner and free from sweat before you get your zzzs.

Dealing with the summer temperatures can be tough, but there are things you can do to make it more bearable. Transform your backyard and spend more time outdoors to avoid being in a hot and stuffy house, and try to make the most of the weather. When you’re cold in winter, you’ll be longing for those warmer temperatures so be sure to make the most of it while they’re here.

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