Summer Safety Tips For The Pooch In Your Life

We read article after article about how to care for our gardens, our homes and ourselves over the summer 
and there’s just not enough out there about how to care for our dogs. Our pets love the summer months just 
as much as we do – extra walks, bumblebees and butterflies to chase in the parks and more time to get out 
and walk with dry ground rather than frosty. They love the sunshine, and while there is nothing wrong with 
extrawalks, long hikes and allowing your dog to jump into the nearest lake or ocean to cool off, there are 
still some issues with safety that mustn’t be forgotten during the season. It’s very hard for dogs to keep as 
cool as we do when the sun is hot and beating down. We sweat to cool down and dogs just don’t have that 
same capability – they pant, where we don’t. The difficulty comes when there is only hot air for the dog to 
breathe, asthey then can’t keep as cool as they would usually. Summer is the season for fun, but for dogs
it’s a season for caution. 

Below, you can read some of the best safety tips for your pooch this summer.

Photography of a Dog on Seashore

Hot Cars + Dogs = Disaster. While it’s good to have services like on hand for our pets,your dog 
deserves for you to do everything that you can to keep them healthy yourself. Leaving your dog ina car on a hot day is akin 
to boiling them alive, and it’s neglectful. Unfortunately, there is a small minority every year that believes it’s 
perfectly fine to crack the window and keep doing it. Read here to figure out why it’s a bad idea.

Bug Off. Summer is beautiful, but it does bring a lot of bugs! If you don’t protect your pooch, your pet will be at risk for 
certain bug-related diseases, like Lyme disease from tick bites and heartworm. There are a hostof conditions that you should be keeping an eye out for, so keep watch for any mosquitoes, fleas and ticks to avoid them.

Step Lightly. Dog paws and hot pavements are not a good combination. Asphalt and metal get very hot in 
the sun, and it’s up to you to ensure that you keep your dog’s paws as cool as possible. Keep inside the 
house during the hottest periods of the day. Go for walks early in the morning and late in the evening and 
keep a dog in the shade as much as possible.

Pool. Those children’s paddling pools are the perfect play thing for a dog when it’s hot. They love water and a good splash 
keeps their skin and paws cool when the sun is beating down.

If you have concerns about your dog in the summer sunshine, have a chat with your vet and talk about the 
things that you could be doing to keep them comfortable and happy. A cool pup is a happy pup!

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