Understanding Your Responsibilities As A Dog Owner

We are a nation of dog lovers. In the US alone, it is estimated that there are more than 70 million dogs.
If you have a pet pooch, there are certain responsibilities that you must assume. As a dog owner, you
have a duty to protect your canine friend, but you should also be aware of potential dangers your dog
poses to others.

Looking after your furry friend
Many people choose to have a dog as a pet. Dogs are loyal, faithful, and attentive, and they have been
keeping humans company for decades. Although dogs are wonderful animals, they’re not always
easy to look after, and it’s essential to be aware of the responsibilities of a dog owner before you
take a pup or a rescue dog home. Dogs require a lot of care and attention. They don’t like to be left
alone for long periods of time, they need feeding at least once a day, and they also require daily
exercise. When you have a furry friend, they are reliant on you for almost everything. You’ll need to
make sure they are fed and watered, and you’ll need to arrange appointments with the vet for injections
and general health checks. If you’ve recently brought a puppy home, it’s a good idea to consider
training classes. Dog training encourages obedience, and it also gives pups a chance to socialize
with other dogs and get used to different breeds.

Protecting other people
Did you know that around 4.5 million people get bitten by a dog every year in the US? If you own a
dog, you have a duty to protect others when you’re out on a walk, or you’re taking your pet pooch to
the store with you. Pay attention to rules related to keeping your dog on a leash, and try and get your
dog used to public places at an early age. It’s very common for puppies to nuzzle and nip when they
get excited, but dog bites can be very dangerous, and if your dog bites somebody and you are
deemed negligent, that person may seek advice from a dog bite lawyer. Keep your dog on a
leash when required to do so, consider taking your pup to obedience classes, and invest in
chew toys to reduce the risk of biting. Discourage biting at home and ask your vet for advice if your
dog tends to nibble on a regular basis. It’s often possible to learn and use techniques to avoid biting. You
may also find that your dog benefits from doing more exercise if they’re a little boisterous. Although
many people love dogs, some are afraid, so bear this in mind when you take your dog out with you.

Many of us love dogs, but caring for a pup isn’t always plain sailing. It’s essential that you understand
your responsibilities, both in terms of looking after your dog and protecting other people. As a dog
owner, you should ensure that your dog is fed and watered and provide them with plenty of exercise, as
well as love and attention. When you’re walking your dog, use a leash when required, and always be
mindful of other people.

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