A Bathroom Fit For Cold-Weather Soaking

During the summer months, our bathrooms become functional spaces. We hop in to go to the toilet or
slip into the shower for ten minutes. We certainly don’t spend enough time in the space to worry about
how it looks. As long as it’s cool and clean, we’re happy to let things slide. You can bet that you won’t
want a bath when the sun is shining.

But, that’s precisely what the majority of us do want to do when the evenings start drawing in. When the
house is cold, and it’s dark outside, nothing beats a nice long soak in the bath. Forget showers; autumn
and winter are the seasons of taking time in the bathroom. Rather than hopping in and out, washing
becomes a luxury. But, your lack of summer care could leave you unable to relax as much as you might
like. You can bet your bath will be ruined by spotting a flaking bit of paint on the wall. To make sure no
such distractions ruin your relaxation, consider the following steps before autumn.


You don’t have to upgrade your bathroom every time the weather changes. That would be ludicrous,
wouldn’t it? But, if you’ve neglected the room for a long time, this may be the year for an overhaul. Old
baths become worn and uncomfortable. Some even develop odd lumps and bumps. And, that’ll make it
tricky to enjoy long periods here. That shouldn’t be enough to stop you enjoying a soak, but you may still
find you benefit from a new model. Take time, then, to view Tamer Construction and other companies
like them. They’ll be able to refurb the space, and replace your lumpy bathtub with a smooth updated


As we’ve already mentioned, nothing ruins a bath faster than spotting some flaking paint while you soak. This will set your mind whirring about adding yet another job to the to-do list. To make sure that doesn’t happen, consider your decoration now. After a long summer of heat and moisture, there’s a real risk you need to do a little refreshing in this department. Doing it before you need to use the space ensures you can rest easy once the cold settles into your aching bones. This will also ensure you have something pretty to look at as you bathe.


During the summer, we don’t spend enough time in the bathroom to justify accessories. We may stick an ornament in the corner, but that’s about it. Even if you’ve never done this before, these colder months are prime time for paying attention here. Something as simple as a few candles on your shelving could work wonders, as well as adding to every bath you take. You may even find that additions such as heated bath rails work wonders here. Have a little fun and find out how to fit your decor choices to the time of year. Then, get the bubbles out and sink into the warmth of your tub.

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