Adding Value to Your Home

Adding value to your home can be a quick and easy process. Like most things, you must be prepared to
invest a little bit of money to see a return on this. Sometimes if we have lived in our homes for a little
while, we can’t see the potential anymore. Here are a few ways that you can bump up the value of your
home before selling or, perhaps just for fun projects.

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Extend The Space

One of the most effective (and highly sought after) ways to boost the value of your home is by adding
more space. You might choose to build upwards and create a living area in the attic, or you might prefer
something like a conservatory. A conservatory will generally boost the value of your home by
around 10%, and the attic room/loft conversion can add up to 15%. Both of these jobs can usually be
completed relatively painlessly and at an excellent price. Once you have an idea of how you might like it
to look, you can head out and find an architect or builder to make your extended living space a reality.

Permission Granted

If you happen to have some sizeable land surrounding your home, you might like to directly apply for
planning permission for an extension or other significant improvements. Often times the selling point of
a home is what it could be, not what it currently is.

Curb Appeal

Green space is always going to be a premium. Make the most of any that you have. Head out into the
front garden and trim the edges of bushes, plant flowers, line pathways with solar lighting. You might like
to add a few larger feature plant pots around your front door with bright colors or plants with a soft,
welcoming scent. For the back garden, adding value is as simple as adding some high-quality decking.
Head over to Pinterest and see what can be done with different sized gardens to get some great (and
budget-friendly) ideas for your own space.

Upgrade The Goods

Your windows and doors take a lot of unseen damage year on year. If you are getting ready to sell your
home, you should really be thinking about replacing the windows at the very least. Visit here for more
information on upgrading your windows. If you don’t want to replace the doors, then consider adding
new knockers, letterbox, and a parcel box. Brushed metallics tend to look more expensive, and
sometimes if something appears to be of high quality, it is enough to boost the price considerably.
Something else to bear in mind is that when you have new windows fitted, you have the opportunity to
add much more light to the property. In general, the light, bright properties are more welcoming to
prospective buyers.

Car Space

If you have a lawn, but you don’t have off road parking - you might like to look into that. You’re more
than likely going to need a drop curb, and permission to drive along that bit of sidewalk, and the
driveway itself. However, this adds value to the property and will lower the insurance for most drivers.
Double bonus.


A new bathroom can add around 5% value to your property, and that is for a more basic fitted bathroom.
You can splash out and get something a little bit more fancy - the choice is yours. By using your existing
layout, you will cut the costs of plumbing. If you chose to move the toilet, or the bath/shower you are
likely going to need to move the pipes and water inlets - which means you are likely to pay out more on
this than you’re going to see in terms of value.


Carpets have a nasty habit of holding on to smells and stains. Laminate or wood flooring can give a
more uniform, and luxe feel to the whole home. By choosing one color or style throughout the house,
you will do two things - minimize lingering smells, and make the space feel longer and more cohesive.
Making the switch to a wooden style floor also has the huge perk of being much easier to clean and
maintain - music to most people's ears.

Finally, take a slow walk around your home and think about the color schemes that you have used.
Consider changing to a more psychologically welcoming color palette for each room. Light neutral tones
mean people can picture putting their own personal touches in the house and making it their home.

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