Embarrassingly Removed: Is Your Home Advertising Its Old Age?

We may not like to admit it publicly, but sometimes appearances are everything. They are a projection of our style, self-respect and wealth. The quality of your style isn’t always dictated by how much you’re willing to spend, but how much time and attention to detail you are willing to have. And, it's not just style that is on your person such as fashion, our homes are a direct reflection of all three. In fact, one could say the biggest show of our wealth and style as it is the largest expense in this factor that you can make. It's just a shame then that self-respect often just gets swept underneath the rug. We allow our homes to get dusty, dirty and ragged. We can be so embarrassingly removed from modern styles, designs and decor. In this way, we inadvertently showcase our home’s age and probably our own as well. If you’re ready to splash your home with a new image and take pride in the way your house looks to onlookers, then make some of these changes.

Planting a flag

The first thing onlookers will see of your home is the exterior. The walls, windows, doors and garden.
However, the first thing they will always experience of your house, is your front porch. One could
argue that the first thing they will encounter is your front gate and garden. But, specifically talking
about the house, the first thing they’ll do is walk onto your porch, and actually make contact with your
house by knocking on the door or ringing a doorbell. In this regard, your house should look like it is a
prize that you hold dear. As if you’re planting a flag, your front porch should be a place where you come
to relax, watch the neighborhood and be outdoors with the family.

Consider attaching a swing, made from oak wood, with white incorporated into the style. White is neutral but also goes well with contrasting colors of wood, grass and the sky. If not a swing, you can buy a weatherproof outdoor sofa which you can use to lie down and relax during the summer months. A small table would also be great so guests or family can put their food and drinks on it. The aim is to make the front porch a viable place where you come to relax openly. And if you’re enjoying your time in a place where style is evident, naturally, your home takes on an air of elegance.

Window into the soul

They say our eyes are the windows to our soul, but for the home, the actual windows are the entry
into the soul. Therefore, if you really want to inject youth into your home, brand new windows is a good
idea. Doors take us into the heart of the home, so these are just as important. With all the things the
average person knows about style, substance and decor choices, perhaps windows and doors are the
least well-known. Windows are simple if you want them to be, but if you really want to venture into the
field of fancy and ornate, then you have multiple choices. You will need to remodel your home if you
want any of these choices, so best choosing specialists that are extremely comfortable redesigning this
part of the house. Single Hung windows will open up halfway, while double hung will tilt two halves of a
window and allow fresh air in. Sliders look a little industrial, but these too can be a good choice for an
upstairs bedroom or bathroom. The classic picture window is one of the more stylish options to choose
from, as the more framework incorporated is a sign of wealth.

The front and back doors can be matching or they can be opposites for the purposes of style. One of the
rare instances in home design, the color of the door is more important than the style. The two panel,
arched design is simple yet suave as the multiple layers of the panels and acuteness of the arch can
be changed. A Cheyenne design is again two panels, but with multiple boards placed vertically and, the
arch is a little less pronounced. For something more intricate you can go for six panels. The color should
be bold and vibrant but still flow with the rest of the exterior.

The outside of our home say a lot about what a guest can expect on the inside. An out of date house
that looks removed from modern standards, advertises it's age to the world. If you’re concerned about
your home looking old and tattered, it's time to remodel and make new style adjustments.

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