Essentials You Need to Pack when You Go to Costa Rica

Planning a trip to Costa Rica is exciting to say the least and you may even find that you are spending
most of your time looking up things to do there and even things to see as well. If you have never been to
Costa Rica before however then there are a few things that you need to think about.

Have a Phrasebook

English is very common in Costa Rica and this is especially the case when you go to some of the most
travelled areas. It will however help you to know a couple of Spanish phrases. This will help you to
set yourself apart from the other tourists and the people there will really appreciate it as well. It doesn’t
matter how awful your pronunciation is or even how you talk because it does show that you have a good
level of respect and it also shows that you are considerate about the people who you are going to be
chatting with as well.

Rain Jacket

Costa Rica has a ton of weather patterns. Sure they are predictable but you will certainly want to have a
good rain jacket with you. This is even the case if you know that there is going to be a dry season when
you visit. You do have to remember that it can rain at any time and some people even call it the
“rainforest” as well. You will also need a rain jacket if you plan on going on a boat trip as well because
the spray can really get you soaking wet through and this is one thing that could ruin your entire trip. If
you want to know more about the activities there then check out this guide on
7 things to do in San Jose Costa Rica.

Carry a Torch

You should always carry a flashlight with you when you travel to the country. The main reason for this is
because the electricity can go out at any time and this is especially the case when you are in one of the
smaller towns. One thing that will make this worse is that a lot of the smaller towns don’t have any street
lights either, and instead, people opt for candles or even lamps. The sun goes down at around 6pm so
you will be really glad to have something like this with you so that you can feel safe at all times. It also
means that you don’t have to spend all night cooped up in your bedroom.


It may seem daft to take sunscreen and a good raincoat to the same location but you absolutely need it. It is more than possible for you to pick some up when you arrive but if you are not planning on taking a trip out to the shops as soon as you arrive then you have to make sure that you pack some. This can make all the difference and you will sometimes find that you absolutely need it.

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