Frisco Water Resistant Hammock Car Seat Cover Is A Must For Dog Owners!

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Let's face it, we all love our dogs and love to take them wherever we go. Those of you, like me, who have dark seats in your car know what a hassle it is to clean up all that dog hair after Fido rides in the back! Thanks to the Frisco Water Resistant Hammock Car Seat Cover I don't have to worry about that anymore!
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As you can tell, it's called a hammock because it simply drapes and hangs like a hammock and securely attaches to not only keep the hair at bay, but also since it's water resistant it will protect your seats from any accidents your furry friend might have with their bladder. Some dogs get car sick too so this is also an option for those types of situations!

Available in different sizes, you can find it on where it will be shipped directly to your door. It's easy to put on and can save your seats! It's also machine washable making cleaning it a breeze!

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It's designed to fit most car seats (bench seats) and secures with the adjustable straps. Also, it contains built in anchors to prevent any shifting. To add to it, there is a non-slip mesh backing to help keep it in place on your seat. has amazing customer service, I love dealing with them! The products that they carry are phenomenal and no matter if you are just shopping for a gift or looking out of necessity, you are sure to find what you are looking for or need!

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