Get Festive For Fall: Fun Ways to Embrace the Season

There’s something really exciting about the start of a new season. At the beginning of spring, you have
visions of the exciting days out and vacations in the sunshine you’re going to have. At the start of the
colder seasons, you can’t help but think about cosy nights in, bonfires, stunning orange leaves on the
trees and then later on- the build up to Christmas. If you’re the kind of person that loves to embrace
each new season, here are a few ways you can go about it!

Update your home
If you like to update your home for the season, it can help to start off with a neutral ‘blank canvas.’ White
or magnolia walls, neutral carpets or wooden floors and black, brown or cream coloured furniture will
pair well with just about any other colour. During the summer you can add floral cushion covers, pretty
pastel throws, delicate blooms in your vases and pops of summery shades with things like candles and
ornaments. Now we’re moving into the colder months, colours like deep chocolate brown, gold, copper,
navy blue, khaki and jewel purple all work well. Remove your summery home accessories, put them in a
box and put them away in the attic until next year. Then replace them with rich, warmer tones to really
add a depth and cosiness for the season into your rooms. When your decor is relatively plain and
neutral, you can easily transform your rooms by replacing the accessories to suit the season. Go a step
further and add an autumnal leaf and foliage leaf to your door. Add some red, yellow and orange
seasonal blooms to a big vase, and update your scents such as candles and air fresheners with more
season appropriate choices. Think vanilla, warming spices and seasonal fruits such as apple and
blackberries. As well as cosmetic updates, think practical ones too. Test out your heating, a company
like Arundel HVAC service can put things right if you notice any issues. You might also want to switch up
the duvets on the beds in the home too to thicker, warmer ones.

Revisit your autumn/ winter wardrobe
Chances are, your winter coats, boots, hats and scarves have all been boxed away or put at the back of
the wardrobe the last six or so months. It’s time to get it all back out, and also make a list of what you
need to buy new this year. Clothes shopping is always exciting, but especially so when it’s for more
substantial autumn/ winter clothes. Whether you need a new winter coat or a new pair of wellies, you’re
bound to have fun shopping for the season ahead. If you buy yourself some new scarves in pretty fall
colours, they will add style and colour to any plain outfit. A good tip if you’re most comfortable in plain,
darker coloured clothes.

Switch up your cosmetics
As well as updating your wardrobe, you’ll also need to update your skincare routine for the
colder months. A richer moisturiser will help combat harsher windy weather which will start cropping up
more and more as the weeks go on. You might also want to change up your makeup routine- darker,
vampy lip colours like reds and purples are popular for this season. Pair with some
gold, bronze and brown eyeshadow with black cat eye liner and plenty of mascara and you have a look
that’s perfect for fall. You might also need to switch your foundation for a lighter shade once your
summer tan starts to fade. Dig out some of your season appropriate products that you’ve not used in
months and enjoy giving them a go again!

During the warmer months it’s all about barbeques, picnics in the park, days out and generally being
outdoors and enjoying the weather. When the temperature drops and the evenings draw in quickly, we
have to think of other ways to spend our time. Dinner parties with friends are a good option, serve up
some warming autumnal food and drinks. Movie nights are another nice way to spend a cold evening,
wrap up on the sofa with family and put on something good to watch. Long walks or bike rides on a dry
day give you the chance to get outside before the weather really takes a turn, and gives you the
opportunity to enjoy the stunning leaves changing colour on the trees. If you have children, an activity
walk can be a lot of fun- you can get worksheets to print for free on Pinterest. Here you will tick off
different animals and insects you can see, and collect things like conkers and pine cones.

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