Getting Your Thrills In The Welsh Capital

Wales is the third-largest nation in the UK. Even though Northern Ireland is smaller, because of recent history, Britons know more about it than Wales. In fact it could be the least talked about part of the UK, which is a shame because it has so much history that directly impacted the Union. Here, the people have a long history of the Celtic tribes, with men and women that have a contrast of fiery red and stoic black hair. It's cold up here but no more so than the North of England. The capital city is where the majority of the action is, as the south of Wales is where the larger cities like Swansea and Newport are. If you travel further up north, you’ll start to go through towns and villages that are more connected with the hilly countryside that the nation is so well-known for. However, Cardiff is a place that has just about everything every other capital city in the UK has, and here is a good time and place to get your thrills.

A rider’s forest

The woodland around Cardiff is spectacular, it's like something out of a mystical fantasy series. The trees are tall and wide, and the fields are a strong lime green. That makes them a fantastic place to rush through on a modern mountain bike. The Rhymney Valley Ridgeway loop is around 17 miles long, and wraps around and inside two separate woodland areas. The Castell Coch and Llwyn Hir singletrack mixes the Cardiff woodland pathways with the Bristol Channel, making for a long and fast ride. The pathways are professionally kept, as the safety of riders is of the utmost importance. The clearance of large rocks and jagged flint stones is done and along with any kind of rainwater damage such as dirt and soil is kept to a safe minimum. Toward the end of the ride, you will be demanded to climb back up the hills, ready to go again. The gradient changes are what provides the riders with the speed to rush through the forest around Cardiff city.

Rapid waters

Cardiff is surrounded by great watersport activities which is brilliant for someone that is up for a
challenge and not just leisure and sightseeing. One of the things to do in cardiff is to go white
water rafting, which can be done with a couple of people or on a larger raft with several people all
pitching in. Great for groups of friends or just couples wanting to be together and test themselves.
The CIWW course is great for those that need to have thrills as part of their adventure, as the
waters thrust you up and down and it's up to you and your paddling skills to anticipate sudden changes
to get through it. Of course, you’re provided with great safety equipment which consists of a buoyancy
vest, helmet, wetsuit and a locator on your belt. Professionals are always on hand to make sure
no one is injured or left behind should they fall in.

Cardiff isn’t just a city of historical importance. Riding through the forest at speed and going all around
the surrounding countryside on a mountain bike gives you a better understanding of how England and
Wales are linked. If the bumpy ride isn’t enough, then blasting through the waters in the CIWW
course will get your blood pumping.

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