Keeping Cats Healthy With Hills Science Diet!

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I love giving my cats anything that is good for them, especially my older cat who is 15. He has a hard time chewing his food so canned food is best. The Hills Science Diet minced variety pack is great because there is no large chunks and no excessive juice, it's perfect for my senior guy. My other two cats love it as well! Since you can order from and have it shipped to your door, the convenience is amazing!

As you can see there is no juice that you need to worry about spilling and I love the pull tab cans, it makes it super convenient. Considering my cats are not patient when it comes to their food, it saves me time (and saves me from getting meowed at for taking too long).

This food however, isn't just for seniors. I am just saying why it's a great fit for our household, because Trent has a hard time chewing dry food. Here are a few reasons why it's great for any house!

There are several flavors to choose from, so if you have a picky eater no worries! Each flavor is made with all natural ingredients plus vitamins and minerals. There is an abundant of nutrients to help with your cats' metabolism and uses only wholesome ingredients without corn.

After a nice meal, we all like a good nap :)

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