Making Memories That Last A Lifetime At Home

Home is where the heart is, and your heart is full of love. How can it not be when you’ve got a
wonderful, beautiful family and fantastic friends? The house isn’t bad either after
spending years renovating it and getting it perfect. Life is great at the minute, which is why you should
start logging your memories. The brain begins to fade away after a while, and your cherished
recollections follow suit. Plus, it won’t be this good forever because there are peaks and troughs.
Don’t you want to be able to look back and think “that was an amazing time?”

For those who answered yes, this is what you need to do.

Make A Mark

The mind is a wonderful thing. All it needs is a small push in the right direction and everything will
come flooding back. It will be as if you’re stood in the moment all over again. There are plenty of ways
to make a mark. Homeowners that build their property use engraved bricks with the names of
their family members. If you prefer something basic, head out to the nearest tree in the garden and
etch out a line in the bark. Or, choose a wall for measurements and gauge the kids’ heights
over the years.

Take Snaps

Say what you want about cell phones, but they’re perfect for taking impromptu photos. And, this is the
best way to save a memory. Thanks to digital technology, there is no need for any physical film so it will
be ready to go at a moment’s notice. All you need is the space to store on the device after pressing
the button. Home isn’t a place where most people take pictures unless they’re for Snapchat or
Instagram. Getting into the habit can create folders worth of memories over the years to flick
through later.

And Back Them Up

One problem with the digital revolution is that nothing is concrete. Everything is on a hard drive
floating in the ether. A single glitch can take them away forever, never to be seen again. This
doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shoot the moment; it implies you need a backup plan. The good news is
there are plenty available. Apple products use the cloud to store data, so that’s an option. Or, you can
put it on a USB pen and keep it away from the main server. As long as there’s a plan B, everything
should be fine.

Live Right

We don’t have to rely on technology all of the time. As long as you treat your brain right, it will be a
useful tool in your golden years. Plenty of retired people can remember the dates and times of
moments in the lives. Why? It’s because they ate healthy food and got plenty of sleep and didn’t stress.
Berries such as the açai are amazing at preserving tissue and preventing damage, while rest
prevents the brain from overworking.

Doesn’t it make sense that a healthy brain will be effective for longer?

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