Selling Houses 101: Get Your Interior Design On Point

If you have finally outgrown your humble abode as your brood has grown exponentially, you have stuff
coming out of every interior orifice, and you need more space, it might be time to put your home on the
market. While you have made many happy memories in your pad and you will be sad to say goodbye to
this little patch of bricks and mortar, now is the right time to move onto pastures new. The kids are
growing up, you might fancy a move to a more rural environment, or you might simply fancy a change.

To master the art of selling your property in the fastest time and for the highest price, you need to
understand the motives of potential purchasers and seduce them with a lifestyle. Toys strewn across
your living room, more clutter than you can shake a stick at, pet hair everywhere and old, well worn
furniture isn’t going to cut it. You need to invest some of your hard earned cash into your property to sell
it. You simply have to speculate to accumulate. Venturing into the world of real estate, whether it is your
first time selling a property or whether you have sold tens of houses before, is pitfall ridden. Take a look
at how you can get your interior design on point to sell your home quickly and for its optimum price.


You need to think objectively when you take a look at your rooms. Inspect your house and make a note
of the very basic features that may need sorting out. Are your walls marked? Do they need a lick of
paint? Perhaps your skirting boards have cracks in them, you need to seal your window frames, or your
cornice is looking a little tired. Make a list of all of the odd jobs that need completing. Set aside a couple
of weekends and get them sorted. Pop to your local DIY store, pick up some sealant, a magic eraser
sponge and some paintbrushes and neaten up your space.

When it comes to the paint on your walls, you will need to consider the colours that you choose. While
you may have adored the deep damson feature wall in your living room or your lime green kitchen, the
chances are that this is a little too niche and personal for your potential buyers. Go neutral. While it may
seem a little boring to play it safe, white walls in every room of your pad will brighten your home, freshen
up the space and be a neutral palette for your potential purchasers to put their own mark on their new


With a family, it can be hard to keep up with the chores every single day. Inevitably, there will be the odd
day when there is clutter across every room of the house. This is normal and more than ok when you are
settled at home, and you aren’t planning on selling. However, when you are looking to move on, you
need to maintain a perfectly coiffed home at all times. The clutter needs to be out of sight. This means
packing away anything that you haven’t used for six months and putting it away in the attic or neatly in
the garage. Boxes are useful to stack, or even plastic crates are effective.

When storing items, ensure that they are packed away neatly. Your potential buyers may want to pop
their head into your loft space to check out the potential for an extension. They won’t want to see a
bomb site of junk. Stack sensibly and appear neat and tidy. You might even be able to put the smaller
pieces of clutter like toys and games in cupboards or drawers.

To make your interior clean, you may need to seek out a provider of local carpet care who can restore
your carpets to their original condition. Using premium shampoos, powerful cleaning equipment, and
non-toxic chemicals, these companies can have your upholstery and carpets looking and smelling like
new. While it may seem like a false economy to spend money to clean your carpets when you aren’t
taking them with you, the red wine stain in the corner of the living room or that odd odour that you are
now used to emanating from the carpet can put potential buyers off. Clean up your carpets, and you
could find yourself selling up quicker, saving you money on your mortgage in the long run.

The same goes for your sofas, walls, bathroom suite and kitchen. Give everything a deep clean. The
scent will be pleasant, and you can enjoy a fresh, new and hygienic environment for the remaining time
you are in your humble abode.

Kitchens And Bathrooms

While you don't want to whip out your bathroom suite or change the kitchen simply to sell your home,
you may have to spend a few hundred dollars to give these important areas of your pad a facelift. The
old adage that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses remains true. For a fraction of the price of a brand
new kitchen, you can alter the cabinet doors. This is wise if you have a loose drawer, handles coming
off your units or if your style is more 1980s housewife rather than slick millennial. Go high gloss for a
modern look or keep it cosy with a shaker style design.

For your bathroom, you may need to spend a little more. While avocado suites were all the rage in the
1970s, the chances are that they will never see a resurgence. You are better off whipping in a simple
white suite if your budget will allow. Mould can be the bane of many a bathroom’s existence. Get yourself
down to your DIY store and pick up the strongest and most effective mould remover you can find. Get
scrubbing, clean your grouting and give your bathroom a much deserved makeover. Remember, you are
trying to seduce your buyers. If they can view your home and not pick any holes in the decor, the style or
the cleanliness, then they will know that they can just move in and start living. Having a relaxed and
spacious vibe in your home is vital.

Don’t Be Clinical

While minimalism has its place and white walls are great at creating the illusion of space and brightening
up any room, you do need to add a touch of flair and personality to your home. Your buyers will be
expecting to see personal touches so keep your canvas landscape above your fireplace and leave your
family photo gallery wall up the stairs. This shows that your pad is homely, lived in and well loved. It
would be odd for any potential buyer to walk through the door and be greeted by a stark blank space.

Use fabrics to add layers of texture to your interior and use complementary colours to create a chic look
in every room. Use throws within your living room, add cushions to your sofas to show off a sense of
luxury and elegance, and use your fabrics to add the hues and tones that are missing from your walls. If
you have a focal point, make a feature of it. Fireplaces, wood burning stoves, and range cookers are
awesome bonus additions to any home.

If you are looking to sell up any time soon, make it a point of business to organise your interior in such a
way so that it is at its most conducive for selling. Clean up your humble abode, refresh your kitchen and
bathroom, and enjoy decluttering. With your interior design on point, you will be moving onto pastures
new in no time.

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