The Urban Pests You Might Need To Contend With In The City

When you live out in an urban area, you might expect to have to deal with a lot of pests that might try
and make their way into your home. After all, there are a lot more animals and bugs out in the
countryside, and your home might look super appealing to them. But what some people don’t realize is
that pests are actually also quite common in built-up urban areas as well.

Some believe that pests are less of a problem in towns and cities as the sheer number of people living
close together is enough to scare them away. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. In actual fact,
there are some urban pests that people who make their life in cities will need to be aware of. Read on
to find out more!


Sure, racoons may look cute and cuddly, but in reality they are anything but. They can destroy buildings,
make a mess of bins by dragging trash everywhere, and they can also destroy gardens. Not only that,
though, but they can sometimes be quite vicious if you come into contact with them! Thankfully,
removing raccoons can be fairly easy if you get a pest control company on board to help you. If you
don’t have any bother from racoons, you need to keep your home really well cleaned so that they are
less likely to want to enter the property.


Foxes are another type of animal that may look really cute and cuddly but, in fact, they can be really
annoying pests in urban areas. They will try to get in your bins to look for food and will make a really big
mess dragging all the trash around your garden. The best way to deal with foxes is to secure your
outdoor bins and to try and make sure that there is no food left outside your home. If a fox doesn’t have any reason to come onto your property, then they won’t.

House Flies

Whether you live in an urban or rural area, you will no doubt be affected with house flies through the
summer months. These flies are attracted to any kind of food, so will probably be more noticeable in
your kitchen. To prevent too many flies in your home, make sure no food is ever left out for too long.
Keeping your home clean and hygienic will also prevent too many flies from gathering .

Rats And Mice

There’s a saying that there is always a rat about six feet away from you, wherever you are. This is
certainly true in towns and cities as there are plenty of gutters and sewers for them to hide in. But if rats or mice end up getting into your home, then you have a big problem on your hand. The best and
quickest way to get rid of them is to call in some vermin control.

Here’s hoping that you never have to deal with these urban pests in your own home!

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