4 Fabulous Ways to Make Your New House a Home

When you moved into your new home it was an amazing feeling to have your own space at last. You have always
dreamt of enjoying your own space and feeling completely relaxed in your adorable abode. You love
your first home, but there are many things you need to do to make it feel completely yours. Whether you need to
invest in cosy and comfortable furniture or you want to create some picture collages of the special people in your
life. Take some inspiration from the ideas below and make your new house into a happy home that you can enjoy
for the years to come.
1. Comfortable Furniture
When it comes to furniture, you don’t want to compromise on comfort or style at any point. Use your unique ideas
to find the best furniture to make your house feel as comfortable as possible. Perhaps you could consider
this comfy bean bag which comes in a variety of colours; it would make the perfect corner feature for you to hang
out with your other half or chill on a rainy Sunday afternoon with a good book. Choose the style and shade that
suits the d├ęcor in your home and you will have found the ideal comfortable addition to your new home.
2. Terrific Tidiness
Whether you would consider yourself a neat freak or not, your home will always feel much better when it is neat
and tidy from head to toe. The key to keeping your house tidy is to invest in awesome storage solutions that will
help you out a lot. Whether it’s a chic shoe rack that keeps your footwear tidily tucked away or a stylish set of
baskets to store your bathroom products, you can find a tonne of ways to keep your home looking spick and span.
Look online for inspiration and invest in the storage ideas that suit your lifestyle.

flat screen monitor inside room
3. Cool Colour Schemes
Some of the hottest colour trends for 2018 include black, turquoise, sunny yellow and blush pink, so consider
changing up the colour palettes in your home to make it feel personal to you. You don’t have to paint every single
inch of your new abode, but a lick of paint here and there will really make the world of difference. A pop of colour in
a plain kitchen or a bold tone in a neutral living room can really make a gorgeous effect. Choose cooler tones in
your bathroom and bedroom for a relaxing vibe and opt for the brighter shades in the communal spaces.
4. Personal Touches
Hang up some pictures of yourself and your family and the house will feel homely in an instant. You could create
your own collage using a fancy frame or order a beautiful canvas from a professional photographer.

So make your house feel like a home today and consider all of the following ideas. Whether you are changing up
the colour scheme, finding new furniture or adding those personal touches, it will soon feel comfy and cosy in no

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