Easy Alternatives To Redesigning Your Entire Kitchen

Renovating a kitchen is incredibly expensive, not to mention it’s very disruptive. If you rip the whole
kitchen out and replace it all, you’ll be without a kitchen for a while and it’ll make a massive mess in the
house. The good news is, you don’t always have to do that. If the kitchen is in a really bad way, then you
might have to replace it completely but most of the time, there are simpler solutions. These are some of
the best easy alternatives to fitting a new kitchen.

Replace The Appliances

The appliances are the most important part of the kitchen, you can’t do much without them. That’s why
you should consider replacing them if they’re old. Outdated appliances are prone to breaking and they
won’t be anywhere near as energy efficient as newer ones so you’ll save a lot of money if you buy new
ones. Replacing a fridge or an oven is a lot easier and cheaper than putting a whole new set of units in.
You can make your kitchen last a lot longer if you just update these key bits on a regular basis.

Refurbish Cabinets

When the cabinets in the kitchen are old and worn, it can make the whole room look a bit run down. But
there’s no need to get rid of them just yet because the problems are usually cosmetic. The cabinets
themselves are still fine, they just need a bit of an overhaul. Visit
https://kitchensacramento.com/kitchen-cabinets/ for more information on kitchen cabinet restoration
services. They’ll be able to make your kitchen cabinets look good as new for a fraction of the price. You
can also change the look of the cabinets with a coat of paint and some new handles. You’ll get the same
effect as you would if you bought a whole new set of cabinets but it won’t cost you anywhere near as

New Tiles

The splashback behind the oven will get pretty dirty over time. You can clean it, of course, but some of
those stains will stick and it’ll make the kitchen look a bit grimy. Replacing those tiles is actually pretty
cheap if you shop around. Don’t look at the high end showrooms, they’ll charge you a lot of money. You
can usually find a similar style that is basically the same for half the price and give your kitchen a cheap


Worn out pain that’s cracked and peeling makes the kitchen look awful so you can make no end of
difference if you just give it a new coat of paint. You’ve also got the chance to go for a new colour and
create a different look, just make sure that it still goes with the rest of the kitchen. You could also make it
more interesting if you paint a feature wall in the kitchen. Visit https://www.wrenkitchens.com/ for some
great tips on painting your very own feature wall.

Before you start spending loads of money on a whole new kitchen, try some of these easier alternatives

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