Fresh Design Ideas For A Fresh Smelling Kitchen

In some ways, you could say that the smell of cooking is a pleasant addition to any home. It’s always
rather pleasant to walk through the door and get a whiff of something tasty. When it comes to cooking
things like bread or cakes, you may actively encourage the smell to spread. This is such a pleasant
smell to have around the place that there are candles with scents like these.

When push comes to shove, though, most of us would prefer to get rid of cooking smells sometimes.
These scents may be pleasant when they’re fresh, but they don’t stay that way for long. Before you
know, you’ll be coming home to the stale smell of your dinner three days ago. And, that isn’t a pleasant
experience. This reason alone is why many of us avoid cooking notoriously smelly things like fish and
garlic. They may taste good, but they don’t half smell bad.

But, what would if we told you it doesn’t need to be this way? What if there was a chance for you to cook
the stinkiest meals going and still keep your home fresh? It may sound like madness, but investing in a
different design for your kitchen could make it happen.

Even better, no amount of kitchen design could do away with those pleasant smells altogether. Still,
thinking about your design ensures odours don’t stick around for half as long. What’s more, many
modern designs are ideal for this purpose. So, not only could you do away with smells, but you could
also stay on top of the trends. Read on to find out which fashions you should be paying attention to.

Open plan

If there’s one trend which has taken off in the kitchen world of late, it’s open plan. If you got on this
bandwagon, you could forget cramped kitchens with closed doors. Instead, you would have an open
plan paradise which clears smells as soon as they start. Admittedly, this does have its downsides.
Most open-plan kitchens join to living areas, and there’s no barrier to stop smells spreading between.
But, by not confining your kitchen, you can bet stinks will clear faster than they would otherwise. As
such, it’s well worth considering an open plan for scent-free cooking. As if that weren’t in(scent)ive
enough, open plan designs also look amazing. These are a fantastic way to add flow to any home and could be a gamechanger for the way you cook
from now on.

Brighten things up

Another trend we’re seeing a lot at the moment is large windows in kitchens. Not so long ago, these
were dark and dank rooms. In some cases, kitchens didn’t even have windows. And, that’s terrible
news on the smell front for obvious reasons. Now, though, bright is best, and that alone could see your
smell worries coming to an end. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that a confined kitchen with no real
option for aeration can fast get stinky. By comparison, options such as large windows and stacker doors
ensure that you have more ventilation in your kitchen than you would have thought possible. Not only do
these provide fantastic views as you cook, but they also ensure you can crack open a window or door as
soon as steam and smells start to build. By keeping these open during the cooking process, you’ll find
that smells lessen no end in severity. What’s more, leaving these open for around twenty minutes after
you finish will clear any remaining smells. You can bet that no cooking smells will stick around long
enough to go stale this way. What’s more, this is an option which puts you entirely in control. If you’re
cooking something like bread, you can keep those windows shut and enjoy the smells the way you
always have done. But, as soon as the fish comes out the fridge, you’ll be able to crack those windows
and keep things fresh.

Materials which don’t stick

The kitchen materials we choose to use have also changed no end in recent years. Not so long ago,
we were all about heavy kitchen curtains and plastic or wooden countertops. In case you hadn’t
realised by now, most of these options are pretty bad for catching smells. Fabric curtains, especially,
contribute a great deal to that stale stench. Wooden countertops also tend to catch odours, especially
when used to prepare food. Now, though, kitchens have gone all industrial. Modern design is all about
metal materials in your kitchen space. We’re talking bronze taps and concrete counters. Forget curtains
or even blinds; the focus now is on bare windows with metal frames. As well as looking stylish, designs
like these ensure smells wash away. There’s just nothing for scents to them to when you make use of
materials like these.

Multiple built-in ovens

It’s also not unusual nowadays for kitchens to incorporate more than one built-in oven. Blame this on
the fact that we’re getting busier all the time. Nowadays, the chance to cook more at once is always a
bonus. What’s more, the built-in design of ovens like these stops them taking up space. That ensures
they suit our sleek designs. Options like these are beneficial on the smell front for a few different
reasons. For one, built in ovens often keep smells to a minimum anyway. This is because they ventilate
in a different way to traditional designs. What’s more, cooking many meals at once ensures that you get
all those smells out in one foul swoop. If you then ventilate before those smells linger, you’ll be able to keep your house stink-free for a week or so. At least, you will if you do enough meal prep to last you.

So, there you have it. Keeping on top of the trends could be all it takes to tackle the issue of cooking
smells. Let’s be honest; these pointers are worth following even if you don’t have any problems
on the stink front.

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