How Effective Is Your Disaster Recovery Plan?

All businesses and organisations need to have some form of disaster recovery in place. This
can be as small as someone who works from home backing up all of their files, to an elaborate
and complex plan suitable for huge companies. These may be two completely different scales
of recovery, yet they are as equally as important. The sad truth is that disaster can strike at any
time. You need to be prepared for this in order to ensure that your company is not at risk.
Imagine how much you could lose by choosing to ignore the risks of operating without security
in place. Read on to discover how effective a disaster recovery plan is…

One of the main benefits associated with having a disaster recovery plan is the fact that if
something goes wrong at your business you will be able to deal with everything efficiently and
effectively. If you had no plan in place it would take you a monumental amount of time to get
back on your feet again. After all, you would have the initial panic, and then you’d struggle to
even begin to think about where to start on the recovery process. Every day lost is a day you
will fall further and further behind your competitors as revenue is lost. A disaster recovery plan
is integral in ensuring the issue is brushed under the carpet is swiftly as possible.

It is actually worth elaborating further on the point regarding how every day lost is revenue lost.
A disaster recovery plan is effective for any business because it prevents financial loss
dramatically. In the world we live in today everything is fast-paced, and with the internet being
so dominant sales are being made by the second. Therefore, even an hour out of operation can
be highly costly. Imagine how much you would potentially lose if you were out of operation for
days, weeks or even months.

In fact, a disaster recovery plan may be essential for your company in making sure you live up
to your legal duties. After all, it is likely that you will have sensitive and private information
stored at your business. You will, of course, need to implement high levels of security and
comply with a strict code of conduct. If you do not display the necessary measures of protection
then you can easily be liable for colossal fines. Not only this, but your reputation will end up in
tatters too. Companies and clients will be a lot less likely to trust your company.

Aside from this, a final point worth mentioning is the fact that you will never lose your data even
if the original batch is destroyed. It is likely that you have worked hard and long to build-up your
business to the level it is today. Imagine if you lost everything this company has been based
upon; all the client information, all of the contacts, all of the financial documents, all of the
contractual agreements. You’d be in tatters. You will also ensure there is no downtime, and no
lost customers, from ensuring you have a company like Assurance Power Systems to get you
back and running, to making sure that you have professional IT support at hand too.

It doesn’t matter what type of business you run. It doesn’t matter how big or small your
business is. A disaster recovery plan is effective for all and if you don’t have one in place you
need to do so imminently.

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