Is Your Home Ready For The Winter Months?

Winter is coming… Will that phrase keep getting used when Game of Thrones ends next year? The
leaves are starting to fall, the nights are getting longer and you can be that those temperatures will soon
start to dip! Winter is well and truly on its way.

Image Credit: Pxhere under Creative Commons

Getting your home ready for winter is important to keep your family happy, healthy and safe during the
colder months. Do you think you’re ready for the cold? Take a look at these tips for getting your home
ready for the season ahead.

Put away the summer wardrobe

As much as it might pain you to admit, the days of shorts and cute beach dresses are over for another
year. Having a fall clear out of your clothes can help you rediscover your favorite knitwear and make
sure you have everything you need to survive the season ahead. Learn
how to clear out your wardrobe for good to help you tackle that overflowing closet and get ready for the
new season.

Do a spot check

When the temperatures start getting colder, that’s when you’ll start to notice things like gaps in the
window frame, loose panes, damp spots and more. Completing a spot check around your home will
help you identify any drafts, or areas that need fixing. Doing a check now can save a lot of hassle in the
long run and will stop any minor repairs from becoming major problems.

Check your heating

There’s nothing worse than a cold home, so don’t get caught out by having to call for emergency repairs
the next time you decide to put your heating on this winter. Carry out some checks now to make sure
that everything is working as it should. Handle any issues immediately by seeking appliance repair.
Ensure all key appliances like your stove, washing machine and refrigerator are all working properly,
and consider replacing anything which is on its last legs.

Upgrade your decor

Interior trends change season by season, and upgrading your decor this fall can help you get your home cute and cozy. For winter, think deeper, earthy tones and rich festive scents to help your home look and
feel warmer. There are some amazing fall decor trends to give you inspiration, while you can even
complete some fun DIY projects that will help you embrace fall in your home.

Make sure pets are happy and healthy

It’s not just the humans in your home that need to get ready for winter, your pets do to. Now is a good
time to replace beds, buy extra blankets and make sure that your pets are warm enough during the
nights. You might want to try and alter their routine so that they adjust to the darker nights and mornings.
If your pets seem uncomfortable at all, try to remedy any problems to keep them happy and healthy
during the winter months.

A deep clean is a great way to start the season ahead, so why not start with your kitchen? Your kitchen will get a lot of use during the winter months, so learn how to keep it cleaner for longer. Winter will be here before you know it, so make sure your home is ready for these colder months.

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