Keeping The House In Shape When You Have A Dog

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Dogs are well known for their ability to have just as much fun tearing apart your favourite piece of
furniture as they are for their love of rolling around in the dirt. While some dogs are better behaved than
others, you often can’t control this overriding passion, and a lot of people struggle to keep their home in
shape when their dog is indulging in this side of life a little too rigorously. To help you out with this, this
post will be exploring some of the tools which can be used to help you to solve this sort of issue. Rather
than punishing your dog for making mistakes, this will give you the chance to stop them from happening
from the very start.


Some dogs will enjoy a good chew more than others. Whether this is down to their breed or the
temperament of the individual, it’s important to remember that they have little control over an urge like
this, and will chew whatever they have available. Naturally, wood would take this role, making furniture
into a prime target. If you provide them with something they enjoy chewing more, though, you can
distract from the parts of the home which are most important. There are loads of different chew toy
options available around the web, making it easy to find something your dog will love.


Like chewing, a lot of dogs also enjoy digging when they get the chance. Different floor textures can
trigger this urge in some dogs, and this can make your beloved carpets, laminate, and wooden flooring
into their next project. If your dog likes to dig at the floors, it could be worth
finding them somewhere outside where they can have the chance to enjoy this part of life. It’s almost
impossible to stop them exhibiting this sort of behaviour, and it is completely natural, making it worth
looking for ways to satisfy them rather than enforce rules which can’t be followed.


It can be very frustrating when your pooch knocks things over or bumps into furniture, and this is often a
curse when it comes to larger dogs. It’s common for animals like this to
struggle in a human environment. Despite living with people for thousands of years, canines aren’t
designed for indoor living, and this makes it hard for them to overcome the challenges of the mazes
people create. Simply giving your dog a little bit more space is often enough to solve this sort of problem.
If they aren’t able to bump into anything, they won’t be able to cause any grief, giving you an easy way to get over the hurdle.

Little Accidents

There are several times in a dog’s life when they can have accidents in the bathroom department. When
they are first learning how to keep this part of life outside, when they are marking their territory, and as
they get into older age, a pooch won’t have the same control over their bladder. If you find a dog wrap
which can fit your dog, you can turn this frustrating event into nothing more than having to throw
something into the washer. Dog’s will often feel bad when they have made a mess like this. When
there isn’t a mess for them to worry about, though, they will be much happier.


Pet owners around the world and throughout the course of history have always struggled with malting.
Some dogs will keep this trait for the summer months, while others will keep at it all year round, giving
you a lot to keep on top of with any dog. Like most of the areas in this blog, you’re not going to be
able to stop your pet from malting. Instead, you just have to keep on top of the mess to
avoid letting it get out of hand, with vacuuming floors and furniture on a daily basis often being enough to
keep fur from being visible. Some dogs will also be happy to be brushed, helping to keep their malting a
little more controlled.

Unwanted Gifts

When they are feeling generous, a dog will show their love in some of the gruesomest ways. Giving the
chance to explore the garden enough, they are bound to find something which you’d prefer to keep
outside of the house, creating a battle to keep the bad stuff out. Animals, waste, and other outdoor
debris can all be found as unwanted gifts from your furry friend. One of the easiest ways to take control
of this behaviour is to take away free access to the inside of the house when they have time outside.
Once they are ready to come in, you can check to make sure that they’re not excited to give you their
latest find.


Finally, as the last area to consider, it’s time to think about dirt, and a dog’s affinity with this part of life.
Some dogs will enjoy mud, puddles, and other sources of mess much more than others, and you may
never have any problems with this side of things. If you have a pooch who loves to roll around in
whatever they can find, though, your best option will involve giving them some training. If this doesn’t
workout with your dog, you could also think about avoiding places where you know they can get dirty,
along with having a plan in place to clean them up without bringing mess inside when this sort of fun is
impossible to dodge.

With all of this in mind, you should be gearing up for a much cleaner life as a dog owner. A lot of people
struggle in this area, living in a constant state of chaos thanks to their pet, and this is a shame, as it
simply doesn’t have to be this way. Instead, if you’re willing to put sometime into helping your dog to
keep tidy, they shouldn’t have any problems at all. This is a much nicer approach than simply telling
them off when something goes wrong.

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