Make Your Disney World Trip Magical

Hooray, you’re going to Disney! The happiest place on earth and we couldn’t be more thrilled that you
have decided on this destination for your next holiday because we love Disney. But, you should be
aware that it is going to be a busy holiday, so don’t think that it is going to be relaxing because it is more
likely that you will be frantic the entire time. Even though this is the case, you will still have the best time
ever! So, here are some of the things that we suggest to make your Disney World trip magical.

Everything In Order

This is something that you need to do before you even get to Disney. We have included this point
because without it you aren’t going to get to Disney to have your magical holiday in the first place. So,
you need to make sure that you have all your documentation in order before you get on that plane. This
includes passports, Visas, travel insurance and any information you are going to need at the airport or to
get into Disney.

If you need help with anything to do with your travel documents or you need to get your passport
expedited, you should look to the National Passport Service. They have over twenty years of experience
in sorting out passports, visas and expediting when necessary.

Make Use Of FastPass+

This is going to be a lifesaver when you are in the parks. Those queues are going to be a killer as they
can reach up to 4 hours for the most popular rides. The Avatar Flight of Passage ride has
these high queues every day, so unless you want to be waiting in a line that literally snakes around the
park, you are going to need a Fastpass. Sometimes you might find that getting a Fastpass for this ride a
little difficult so you should be looking to book this around 60 days in advance.

It’s not just Pandora that you are going to need these for. Every park has its most popular rides. On
average you will be waiting in a line of between 30-90 minutes for a ride in Disney. With a Fastpass, you
can enter the Fastpass queue and be on your ride faster. This is going to be a particular help if you have
children and are planning on staying at the parks all day. Children are likely to get bored if they have to
wait for a long time even though Disney does their best to have some form of entertainment in the lines.

The Heat Of The Day

Get inside. Once the heat of the day hits, you should really try to be inside. If you have kids, then this is
going to be especially important as you don’t want them to get a bad sunburn or start feeling sick from
the heat. So, we advise that you use this time for lunch. Get a delicious meal in an air-conditioned cafe
or restaurant to keep yourself full of energy and out of the harsh midday sun.

We hope that you find this advice useful and will use it to make your Disney World trip magical.

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