Make Your House A Home With 4 Comfortable Transformations

Not all houses are homes. Not all homes are houses either, but that’s by the by. You may have been
living in a house for five years, only to realize that actually, you don’t feel at home there. This can often
be the case if you fail to stamp your personality within its walls, or if you simply feel uncomfortable
within. Many people can mistake this point for a declaration that you need to spend plenty in order to
enjoy a home to its fullest. Of course, this is not true. However, the one resource you do need to apply
liberally to your home in order to make this transformation is a little more esoteric, but readily available if
you want it.

That resource is love. Making your house a home is nothing if not conducted with a list of comfortable
transformations, and lucky for you, we have those here:

The Furnishings

The furnishings of your home mean plenty for how your home feels to occupy. Not only because
furniture and ornaments are both open for use, but because their placement will dictate how comfortable
you are manoeuvering around the space, and just how naturally your room flows. You needn’t be
interested in the ancient art of Feng Shui in order to understand why this might be appropriate.

Often, the condition of certain implements plays heavily into how homely your house feels. A leather
sofa may not feel comforting when worn and scratched from your cats claws. Also, a lack of comforting
items can also make a home feel sterilized. Even in modern and minimalist homes, a well placed rug,
comfortable cushions, or perhaps just the colors used can all mean something in the general scope of
your personal design preferences.

The Uses

Of course, it’s important to bring functional utility into your home. This way, your home isn’t only a place
you go to rest your head at the end of each day, but a place of comfort, of learning, of joy. It might be
that building yourself a personal bookshelf could be a great way to help your reading corner take on a
new life. It might be that using an AC service to install a functional air conditioning unit could help your
home stay cool throughout the week. But most importantly, it might be that relaxing and unwinding with
your friends and family could be helped dramatically by crafting a functional movie room, a place you
can keep up on all the latest Netflix specials or watch video podcasts.

Consider your personality and your tastes. Consider how you could have them blossom in your home. Is
now the time you dedicated your spare room to painting? How about dividing a yoga area in your living
room throughout the week? No matter who you are, implementing a little personal utility can help your
home transition from its stock current form to something a little more nurturing to you, and your own

The Imperfections

The fastest way to make a home seem clinical and boring is to forget that it’s not a show home. Trying
your best to ensure everything is completely tidy at all times, that no item of furniture can have an
element of disrepair about it, that your children aren’t allowed to play with certain toys because of their
messy nature, or perhaps making your garden too much of a showpiece and not a functional place of
blossoming love can mean your home feel stale and stagnant.

Often, the imperfections and personal ‘lived-in’ perspectives can help a house feel more like a home, as
if real people occupy that space. Anyone who visits your home and thinks less of you for having some
laundry drying on a chair, or perhaps a child playing with their art supplies on the kitchen table is
someone you probably shouldn’t want in your home to begin with. In other words, never be afraid of
relaxing and feeling comfortable in your own space. It can make all the difference.

The Celebration

Celebrate your home! If you can, give it a custom name and have it changed on the land registry. Install
cute lights on the leading path to your front door. Sew a beautiful decorative piece with the name of your
home, framed in the corridor. Paint a feature wall a wacky yet endearing pattern or color. Don’t be
afraid of family pictures. This is your home, and you have the right to enjoy it how you want. So
celebrate it! This is your space, the one place on Earth meant for you and solely you. Take pride in

With these simple tips, making your house a home is sure to be a wonderful process to enjoy.

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