My Pooches Love Hills Science Diet!

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I've been a fan of Hills Science Diet for quite a long time. Recently, I was given the opportunity to review the Hill's ideal balance dog food with my pups, thanks to

I love that this is a nutritious meal for them, not just something to fill them up. It provides them with the nutrients they need along with the flavor they loved! It contains no corn or soy products, only natural ingredients to provide complete natural nutrition without any preservatives!

I love the convenient pull tab lid, made for quick access which my dogs were thankful for :)

There was just the right amount of gravy in it so they got that flavor but it wasn't a mess! Perfect combo! 

After feeding these to my pups, I noticed their fur was softer! I was impressed! Their tummy's seemed more "regular" and they were happy to eat it, which made this pup mom happy!

Be sure to check this out on along with any of your other pet care needs! Bullet and I love them :)

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