Simple Tricks To Make Your Home Feel Warmer

Nothing beats the feeling of coming home to a warm and cozy home. When you’ve had a long day at
work or a busy day running errands, it’s restorative to come home, put your feet up and relax. The issue
with many modern homes is that the focus on having a lot of natural light and clean, white lines can
make homes feel cool, not cozy. The good news is that there are some simple tricks you can use to help
your home feel warmer, ready for the season ahead.

Image Credit: Kaboom Pics under Creative Commons

Bring the warmth back into your home with these top tips.

Switch up your lighting scheme

If your home is usually bright and filled with light, then why not take it down a notch? If you have
dimmer switches, then great, but if not there are other lighting tricks you can try to make your home feel
warmer. Switching to warm-light light bulbs can change the look and feel of your room while making the
most of lanterns and candles can also help with creating a warmer ambiance. Check out some
warm design ideas for inspiration.

Embrace fall colors

The great thing about the change in seasons is that it’s easy to reflect them in your home decor. There
are some fantastic items you can buy to transform your home affordably, while giving it a warmer look.
Cushions, throws and small decorative items are perfect for adding a bit of fall flavor to neutral decor,
and can easily be put away when spring comes back around. Some handcrafted textiles can really look
the part in your home, and will be useful for those nights when you want to snuggle up in front of the fire.

Cook up a storm

Making more use out of your kitchen is one way you can make your home feel warmer this fall. From the
heat of the stove to the scent of baking filling your home, you can easily create those cozy vibes that are
so easy to embrace during the fall. Now is a good time to do some check-ups on your various
appliances and seek appliance repair if needed. Some great fall recipes include gingerbread cookies
and pumpkin pies, making the most of seasonal ingredients to really get into the spirit of fall.

Create a scent-scape

Never underestimate the power of smell to create the right atmosphere in your home. Smell is one of our
most powerful senses and with the right elements in your home, you can create the perfect scent-scape.
Think of fragrances that feel autumnal, such as cinnamon, pine and woody scents that help make your
home feel warmer through scent. Candles, oils, and diffusers are a great investment, and they look great
on a coffee table or windowsill too.

Coming to a warm and cozy home is one of the great pleasures to take out of fall. Through small
changes and a few tricks, you can create that warming atmosphere that will make your home a haven
during the colder months. Embrace fall and enjoy this lovely time of year.

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