Plan A Pet-Friendly Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and most families are already planning to spend the big holiday together! If you’re
traveling to your destination, you already know that it will be a hellish traffic jam journey to get out and in most cities in the US.
Google recommends taking the Wednesday off and getting on your trip one day ahead so that you can avoid most of the stress.
Similarly, if you’re receiving guests, you might have to plan for one of two extra nights to keep everyone safe on the road.
But, Thanksgiving is a family holiday, and who says family says family pets. What have you planned for your beloved dog on
Thanksgiving? Here’s the tip: A turkey sandwich will not cover all their needs!

Going somewhere? Pack the essentials!
If you’re planning to spend the holiday on the road to visit your family, you need to cater to your dog’s needs during the trip. If
you’re going to spend your holidays on the countryside, you might want to pack a dog carrier to ensure your furry friend doesn’t
get too tired walking outdoors – you can find out more about k9 sport sack here; which offers an ideal solution for small breeds.
For car drivers, your safest bet is to schedule regular breaks – every 2 hours or less – to account for toilet needs and reduce the
risks of an upset tummy. For dogs that are likely to suffer from motion sickness, you can discuss treatment ahead of the trip with
your vet.

Thanksgiving is not for over-indulging
We get it: Turkey, yummy pies and plenty of oven-baked potatoes, what’s not to love about Thanksgiving? However, you need
to be careful about sharing your dinner with your dog. Dogs have different nutrition requirements – and it’s fair to say that a
pumpkin pie doesn’t figure on the list of essentials! Instead, stick to healthy dog food solutions during the holidays. For a treat,
you can add some thin cuts of turkey.  

Having relatives staying over?
If you’re not traveling, you might be entertaining guests instead. However, it can be tricky to
keep your dog calm around guests, especially when everyone gets loud. Training your dog is essential, but it’s a long-term
solution. Even with the best of will, if you were to start today, your dog wouldn’t be ready by Thanksgiving! In the short-term,
adding a barrier for small and medium-size dogs can be a great solution. A toy with treats hidden inside can also keep your pet
quiet for an extended period of time.

What if your relatives have pets too?
Your dog needs to learn how to stay friendly with other animals, especially if your relatives are bringing their pets with them. As
there are different forms of aggressivity in dogs, you might need to apply methods you are unfamiliar with to train your pet.
Teaching your dog the basic obedience commands can help to gain control. Regular exposure to other dogs can also decrease
aggressivity in the long term.

When you want to spend Thanksgiving with your family, it can be tricky to make sure that your dog is also cared for during the
holiday. From traveling long distances to inviting guests over, you need to cater to the needs of your pets to make sure that
everyone can have a relaxing and pleasant time.

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