Pursuing a Career in Hospitality

It can be relatively difficult to settle on a single area that you want to pursue professionally. There are so
many different types of jobs out there that it can be a struggle to commit to one. But if you are looking for
a role that will allow you to engage with people and offer them a memorable and enjoyable experience,
you might want to consider working in hospitality. This industry tends to be relatively easy to enter, as
many roles do not require formal education or qualifications. There are clear routes in and there is
almost always room for progression and promotion. Here’s a little more information on the area!

Types of Hospitality

It is generally acknowledged that there are five different sectors in the hospitality industry. These are:

  • Food and Beverage Services - including restaurants and bars, banqueting at events, and
  • catering services.

  • Lodging and Accommodation - including hotels, hostels, B&Bs, and other forms of temporary
  • accommodation for travelers.

  • Events - including hosting meetings and conferences, entertainment events, sporting events, and
  • leisure events.

  • Travel and Tourism - including cruise ships, airlines, travel agencies, and tour operators.

  • Luxury Services - this is an area of hospitality that specialises in extravagance and opulence and
  • is generally used for big name or notable events.

Running Your Own

Many people who are interested in careers in hospitality are interested in setting up their own company.
Now, small business owners and first time business owners are extremely unlikely to dive straight in the
deep end and set up an airline or invest in a fleet of cruise ships. Instead, they are more likely to start
small and set up something like a B&B. This is generally the  recommended route for beginners, as it
allows you to offer services to a smaller number of people and get a feel for the industry before
progressing. If you experience success and find that this is definitely an area that you want to commit to,
you can start to expand. Just remember that you can distribute responsibility and you don’t have to bear
the whole weight of your company on your own shoulders. As you experience success, you should start
to take on staff and consider using services from a hotel management company.

Being an Employee

If you want to work in hospitality, but don’t want quite as much responsibility as a business owner might
have, you could always consider becoming a hospitality employee. In your role, you will simply turn up to
work, complete a job, and head home at the end of the day. You don’t have to worry about anything
other than providing high quality service and completing all tasks required of you. You also benefit from
workers rights. You should receive contracted hours (so you know exactly how much you will be
working at any given time), annual leave, and sick leave and maternity leave should you need them.

Hopefully, this has helped you to familiarise yourself with some different types of
hospitality roles, and has highlighted just a few benefits of working in the field!

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