Six Safety Tips For A Sensational Night Out

There is nothing more exciting than gathering your friends for a night on the town. Cocktails in one bar,
shots in another, dancing until the small hours of the morning before stumbling into an Uber with a
cheeseburger to go home. Going out and reconnecting with your best friends is one of the events of the
month that people really look forward to, but the only problem with it is staying safe.

We live in a scary world; a world where we are still making sure that our drinks remain clean of date rape
drugs and we go to the bathroom in pairs so that we don’t get attacked. However, none of this should
stop you from slicking on that new purple lipstick and shimmying into the new little black dress hanging
on the wardrobe. As long as you are aware of yourself and vigilant you can stay as safe as possible.
There are some things that you can’t control, such as getting in an Uber accident on the way home or
your friends deciding to disappear and leaving you on your own (sidebar: those aren’t good friends). But,
with the tips below you could stay safe on your night out and relax to enjoy yourself.

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Pack Mentality. Your friends may well decide to wander off in the night, but where possible you
need to stick together. Go to the bathroom together, the bar together, dance together. Don’t leave
each other’s side.

Call Uber. As with any ride, there is a chance of getting into an accident, that much is true.
However, you can minimise your danger levels on a night out by pre-booking an Uber to come and
get you from the club. Doing this can save you the hassle when you’ve had a little more to drink
than planned.

Pace Yourself. Just because you are out on the town it doesn’t mean that you have to get drunk
to the point of being unable to hold yourself up. Pace yourself. Have cocktails, enjoy a round of
shots, but do so with plenty of water and eat before you go out.

Watch Your Drink. We may be in 2018 but we still live in a time we have to
prevent our drinks being spiked. Watch your drink poured by the bartender and always keep a
hand over the top of it. You don’t have to be a victim - take care of yourself.

Keep Handbags Safe. All you need is a phone, a key and money when you go out for the
evening, so you basically only need a clutch. You’re going to notice the second your clutch goes
missing so keep it close to you and you’ll minimise the chances of it happening.

Don’t Be A Hero. If you see a fight or argument happening, stand back and call the people who
can help - don’t go running in. Alcohol and angry people do not mix, so call the bouncers or the
cops to break up a fight if you see one.

Safety is imperative on a night out. Dance freely, drink happily and laugh - just do it all while being safe.

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