The Challenge of Keeping Fit When Travelling

Keeping fit can be pretty challenging when you are at home, and have a set routine, in fact the regularity
of a particular class can help a lot when it comes to keeping fit.  See, fitness is not something you have -
it’s something you maintain. The only way to maintain fitness is to engage in physical activity on a
regular basis.

The reason for this is clear, yet on a more psychological level, you will notice that if you’ve had a couple
of weeks away from your regular fitness class or independent workout routine - when you get back, it
can be tough on an emotional level to get back into it, as no doubt, your fitness was not at the level it
was a few weeks back.  Of course, it can come back super fast, but going back that first time can be a
painful experience.

The other aspect to consider is that when it comes to maintaining fitness, it’s like a snowball effect, in
that the more progress you feel you are making, the more often you will exercise, meaning the more
progress you make and the cycle continues… yet, the reverse is also true, in that the longer you have
away from your regular fitness routine the less good you feel about fitness, and the less motivated you
are to break back into your routine.

In this vein, it’s really important to keep the snowball rolling, so to speak, and just because you are
away from home doesn’t mean your fitness activities should stop.  

Now, we can sometimes kid ourselves into thinking a nice walk on the beach with our trendy
Havaianas slippers is exercise, but we all know, there’s a huge difference in terms of the fitness peak we
experience from walking and more structured activities such as high intensity interval training.

Therefore, it’s important you get your heart rate up into the required zone for you to keep your fitness
ticking over.  The other aspect to consider, is that of food. See, we all know the fundamental science of
how what we put in our bodies affects our health, yet when it comes to travel, we can’t help but indulge
in food that we know isn’t doing us much good.

There’s a sense of feeling liberated to indulge in local gastronomic fare, for instance, when in Italy, it can
feel perfectly fine to have a couple of scoops of gelato each day - and you definitely should enjoy the
foodie scene in all the destinations you visit; but it’s just wise to keep it in your mind that all that detoxing,
dieting, and hard work to get in shape for your trip can very quickly be undone - particularly if you
happen to find yourself in an all inclusive resort!!

When it comes to exercise, it’s wise to have a plan in place as to what you’re going to do
on your travels to keep fit.  Being in unfamiliar environments can make it more difficult (and expensive)
to keep up with your regular routine, so here are three options that don’t cost a heap of money,
require little to no equipment, and are very lightweight… as after all, you’re not going to be wanting to
take kettlebells with you on your travels.

That said, there is plenty of lightweight equipment such TRX bands that can provide your body with a
decent all over workout without adding much weight to your suitcase.

1. Take Your Exercise Classes With You
Les Mills is the leading provider of fitness classes that are offered in gyms throughout the world, yet,
you can now download an app similar to Netflix that allows you to access these classes on demand -
from the comfort of your hotel room… or even the beach!

2. Swim
Swimming can be one of the most enjoyable ways to keep in shape, particularly if you have some
underwater headphones that allow you to listen to music whilst you swim - and if you’re lucky enough to
be staying in a decent hotel, there’s probably a pool on site.

3.  Boxing
Boxing training might not be for everyone, but there are so many fitness boxing classes springing up throughout the world, that offer a very intense workout without the risk of being hit.  Skipping for cardiovascular endurance, ab work to define your core, and a heap of toning for your arms, shoulders, chest, abs and back… it’s a fun and engaging workout that is a great way to let off steam.

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