Why Moving Home Can Be A Wonderful Opportunity If You Let It Be

People often think that moving home is such a giant task that it’s often not worth doing until absolutely
necessary. There’s a reason people think like this. Sometimes, it’s absolutely true. However, that opinion
can be quite a reductive thing to think, and can stifle you from opportunities that upon reflection, might
just be the best thing you ever did. There’s always a chance that moving home can serve as one of the
most rewarding, incredibly worthwhile ventures you decide to embark on, but you need to know your
reasons before doing so.

In order to illustrate great examples of opportunities you face when taking the plunge in moving home
with a plan, it’s important to discuss the opposite - moving upon impulse. While this can be romantic and
sometimes actually hold fruit, the likelihood is that you’ll struggle very much to set yourself up if you’re
not careful, and at least have your priorities straight. It’s easy to think of young wannabe actors and actresses moving to Hollywood in their late teenage years or early twenties, not quite what their next
step is but treading water until they can. Unfortunately, this is how many starry-eyed young hopefuls find
themselves in exploitative industries there. This highly specific example can illustrate just why having a
plan can be so important, and why you should always try to develop yourself with one.

Moving home can be a wonderful opportunity if you let it be, and if you plan for it well. In this article, we
hope to discuss why, tools to potentially help you craft your best path forward, and motivation to perhaps
go for that jump if you’ve been on the fence for some time.

Consider the following:

A New Social Circle

It can be quite the prospect to imagine that in a new environment, your social candor is reset to zero. No
one knows who you are, and if they do it’s likely you have connected with them on purpose. A new social
circle might not seem to exciting to begin with, and actually quite intimidating to some people. Leaving
your friends and family and finding a fresh start can feel scary, because you might fear what your next
steps are to be in the first place. Some people thrive on that feeling, some people crumble with it.

However, consider your potential here. Moving to a new location means you can become the person you
want to be, the person you have grown to be, without worrying about silly things you’ve done in
childhood. The small-town mentality of gossiping and strange social circles can be overcome in a city
where most people are anonymous on the macro scale. A new social circle can connect you with more
like minded people, as there are more people to choose from. Any quirk your personality might hold can
be nourished by people in a new environment if you’re willing to try them. It might be that at your
hometown university you struggled to operate a club for your passion, such as board games. In a
densely populated city, you will find thousands of such groups.

The dawning realization of your potential in new social groups might not be found until you actually
experience them. It might be that now, you deal with people you aren’t too close with because otherwise,
you might have to bear life without friends. In new social circles, you can focus on ensuring you are
equally impressed by others as much as you impress them, as this can help you spawn a better attitude
to yourself and a healthier perspective on the social world. It’s not hard to see why this can be
immensely rewarding for some people, perhaps comparable to the feeling of taking off a tight shoe.

There Are More Housing Opportunities Than You Think

Many people think they cannot settle down or ever own a property unless they work tremendously hard
until the age of forty-five. Of course, millenial home ownership is dropping at a fast rate, and this is
concerning for many analysts, and of course the people who experience this first-hand. However, all
hope is not lost. There are many more living opportunities and housing potentials than you think, and
you might just have to search a little to try and find them correctly.

For example, if you’re willing to live abroad and to start an adventure in a new country, the
average price of a townhouse is perhaps shockingly cheaper than that you’re used to, cutting down your
chances of ownership for years. As you move around and find these potential living spaces, you might
find more value than you were expecting. If house valuations differ so much from area to area in your
own country, just imagine how you might find them abroad.

Working Opportunities

In the same vein as housing opportunities are working opportunities. This can often be very worthwhile
to consider. Moving home is often predicated deeply on the fact that you have some means to sustain
the living situation you are interested in. For example, it might be that moving abroad can give you better
access to the university life you are interested in, or perhaps a much better set of financial tools to
funding your degree.

It’s also extremely important to consider the need for certain labor in certain industries in different places
around the world. It might be that taking the chance to move to  a new culture and grapple with the
language could potentially help you become closer to gaining a competitive job in that industry, or
perhaps simply returning home with a real set of experiences that could be vital to a national business
hoping to finally reach international markets.

Cultural Appreciation

To understand the enormity of the potential you have for experiencing the world with novel moving ideas,
we’re going to ask the late Robin Williams to provide us with a quote from arguably one of his best
movies, Good Will Hunting. “So if I asked you about art, you'd probably give me the skinny on every art
book ever written. Michelangelo, you know a lot about him. Life's work, political aspirations, him and the
pope, sexual orientations, the whole works, right? But I'll bet you can't tell me what it smells like in the
Sistine Chapel. You've never actually stood there and looked up at that beautiful ceiling; seen that above

When moving abroad, or moving to somewhere new and enticing, you’ll have the chance to see different
landmarks worth experiencing up close, not simply in a book or a television show. This is how real life is
lived, and how you can become more of a world citizen rather than someone only interested in the
boring and limited opportunities afforded to you at home. This is important to consider, as this can
potentially help you become a better person.

But it means more than just seeing the Sistine Chapel. You can begin to absorb the flow of life in
different countries, which you can be sure is different from Russia to Spain, from Germany to Africa,
from Britain to Australia. You might begin to enjoy several forms of food you might not have before, and
bring them into your general cooking vocabulary. You might pick up different dialects, or understand the
pace of business in a select field of study. If you’re an artist, traveling the world and living in new and
differing places could be a fantastic means of gaining inspiration and the inclination to write. Just think of
the writers who have retired to a comfortable cabin in Norway to finish their book, or perhaps lazing around on a canal boat with nothing but comfort to guide them.

Cultural appreciation shows you just how large this Planet can be for the individual, and that can
potentially yield you plenty of personal insight and developmental opportunities that you might not have
considered as possible in your lifetime. In other words, doors swing open when you allow them to, and
potentially find new experiences that can help you develop into your best self. As we’re seemingly on a
beginners roll with the quotes here, consider this line from the Ben Stiller ‘Walter Mitty’ movie - “To see
the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel.
That is the purpose of life.”


Let us bring all of this back to our initial point about fear. The fear that we won’t make the right choices.
The fear that we might move only to live somewhere we hate, or that our plans will somehow fall and
we’ll become homeless out of nowhere despite our best intentions. If you decide to take a move to a
new location, and you make the most of it, that removes the fear of doing it again the next time.
While each moving effort is of course a hassle, the fear associated with it can melt with experience.
This, in itself, is a wonderful opportunity if you let it be.

With these tips, moving home and finding new opportunities is sure to be part of your life’s journey.

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