9 Ways To Spend Your Spare Time More Productively This Winter

Winter is beginning, and with the change in weather you’ll probably be spending a lot more time inside. But
you could be doing some great things with your time, rather than just sitting around watching the same
Christmas movies you’ve watched a million times. Of course, you always have to find time to watch The
Grinch, but make sure that try some of our recommendations, in order to feel like your time has been used
wisely. And don’t worry, we’re not going to tell you to climb Everest and go sledging there; you can do most of
these things in the comfort of your home.

1. Get artsy
A good way to spend time this winter is finding an artistic hobby, and there are so many things out there
that you can choose from. You may want to try your hand at drawing or painting, but if you prefer to get
creative in different ways, then you can always try something like sewing or making your own home decor.
If you want to go old school, why not knit yourself a winter scarf? Either way, you’ll be super proud when
you’ve finished it, and it will keep your mind busy this holiday season.

2. Do some winter reading
If you want to use the holiday period to learn more, then reading is probably a good idea for you. Take a
break from social media, and turn Netflix off for a while, in favour of escaping into a great book. There are loads of choices out there, and you can go for something seasonal if you want to read some winter tales.
Whatever you want to read, you’ll thank yourself for exercising your brain and using your time to learn
something new. It’s also a good excuse to hide away under a warm blanket…

3. Cook some comfort food
Winter is arguably the best time for baking, and there are so many seasonal treats that you can make for your
family and friends. Whilst you can go traditional with some gingerbread or a Christmas cake, there are so
many winter recipes out there for you to use, and this is a great way to spend a snow day if you have kids,
too. And it doesn’t always have to be baking; why not make a winter stew? Get adventurous!

4. Declutter your home
Ok, so you’ve heard of spring cleaning, but why not declutter your home whilst you have the time to do it in
winter? There's nothing better (well, we think), than having a clutter-free home, ready for all of the new
things that are probably going to fill it again at Christmas. Instead of tripping over boxes for two weeks
post-Santa, why not make the room beforehand, and enjoy your spacious home. You’ll feel better, and it will
also make you feel as if you’ve rejuvenated some of your rooms.

5. Host a winter party
You could also host a party, or small gathering, at your home for a few of your friends and family members.
After all, isn’t it the season to see that cousin that you haven’t seen since last Christmas? You could put some
of those winter recipes you’ve learnt to good use, and you could even make some mulled wine for those
guests who are fond of a nightcap. Put up some indoor fairy lights for a lovely, warm, Christmassy feeling.
Your guests will never want to leave, especially if your cooking is as good as you think! Just make sure you
get your scheduling in order first.

6. Go on a road trip
Ok, we did say that most of these things were inside, but this one is a still-pretty-warm exception, and if
you’ve got air con we think you’ll be fine (although we can’t promise anything). Why not plan a road trip
between some fun indoor places? For example, you could go to some museums and art galleries, and maybe
visit the theatre and a restaurant. Whatever is going on around you, you can definitely plan a mainly-indoor
road trip, and keep yourself busy with some new sights.

7. Learn some yoga or meditation
You can also spend some time learning yoga or meditation, which will come in handy throughout every
season. The great thing is that you can follow some online tutorials, and most of these are free. You can also
get mobile apps such as Headspace, which will allow you to focus on the important things in life, and it will
only take a few minutes out of your day. And if you have been decluttering, you deserve to have some
relaxing time afterwards.

8. Catch up with friends (over the phone)
Ok, so you may not want to get out of your pyjamas and go and see your friends some days, but you can call
your nearest and dearest and have a catch up about those things that you just didn’t have time to talk about
over summer. They’ll appreciate it, and it will make you happier in the day-to-day slog of the dark winter.
Plus, they could share their winter recipes with you…

9. Have a spa day
Another thing that will make you feel great is having a facemask, and perhaps a manicure or pedicure. Why
not make your own beauty products, out of ingredients like honey and olive oil? There are plenty of ideas out
there, and you can probably find the ingredients that you need in your store cupboard. So no need to run out
to the store, or spend any money on new things! Get making, and share your success stories with your

So there we have it! Nine ways to spend your time productively this winter without having to go sledging or
make a snowman. And that's what we all want to hear, isn’t it? So put the snow boots down, and pick up
something a little more relaxing. Now where's that fluffy winter throw, and that great book we’ve been
wanting to read all year…

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