Is A Live-In Nanny Right For Your Family?

It is not uncommon for families to seek childcare help in the modern day. In fact, this is a service that is becoming
increasingly sought after as parents struggle to juggle home life and professional life because of the growing
demands in the workplace. Ever since the recession hit it seems that employers are demanding more from their
staff for less money, and this is something that has obviously had a knock-on effect. Nonetheless, even before this,
there were those who need childcare; from single parents to couples who simply couldn’t manage everything

If you are someone who is considering the possibility of childcare services then you will have a lot of different
options at your disposal. From a weekly childminder to a live-in nanny; the options are varied. Keep reading to
discover why the latter option is recommended…

More affordable – One of the main benefits of going for a live-in nanny is the fact that this option is a lot
cheaper. This is especially important when you consider the rising living expenses. You will pay extortionate rates
per hour if you opt for private childminders, nurseries and alike.

Help with typically stressful periods – Live-in nannies provide help with periods of the day you would otherwise
find manic, such as the mornings. This is the only way to get help with these time periods. You don’t have to
experience the typical morning rush of waking up the children, making breakfast, trying to get ready, packing the
children’s school bags, sorting out your stuff for work, making the kids’ packed lunch, and so on and so forth.

Flexibility – Live-in nannies offer a much greater level of flexibility when it comes to scheduling. They are willing
to accommodate your needs as long as you don’t take advantage. This means you can alter the schedule from
week to week if need be. They are also more likely to be accommodating when it comes to last minute changes as

Your children get undivided attention – If you opt to send your child to a daycare then they are going to be with
a wealth of other children. This can often mean that they are not tended to straight away. You need not worry
about this if you opt for a live-in nanny. They can help your child with their homework and give them all the
assistance they need. Often nannies are the ones that spot if there are issues with children, be it school-based or
otherwise. If you read up on educational differentiation for gifted students, you will learn more about the different
ways kids learn and why some children need varied approaches to learning. A live-in nanny can certainly assist
with this, looking out for signs in your child’s learning patterns and assisting with their education.

Stability – It is much easier for children to get used to having a live-in nanny than having to be dropped at
nurseries and alike. Sooner than you know it the nanny will be viewed as part of the family. This is extremely
important as it provides stability for your children.

When you take the five benefits into account it is not hard to see why live-in nannies are one of the most popular
childcare options available in the current day. Just make sure you choose your nanny carefully and utilise the
services of a professional agency to guarantee that you are covered should any issues arise.

The great thing about going through a nanny agency is the fact that you can be assured that all
nannies have received the training necessary and have the experience to boast. Top agencies vet anyone before
they are allowed to be entered on their database. There is no way you will fall into the trap of someone claiming
to be a nanny when they actually aren’t.

In addition to this, if you do have any problems then at least you know you are backed up by an agency that will
only be too happy to help. They will do their utmost to resolve any issue that is occurring. If you are unhappy with
the nanny then they will find you a new one. If you deal with a nanny directly then you have no way of resolving
issues if she doesn’t turn up to work or refuses to do things the way you have asked. Furthermore, it will take you
a lot longer to replace someone as well.

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