Make Cleaning A Breeze From This Day Forward

Cleaning is a little like marmite. You either love it, or you hate it. Some people love how it can help to
quieten their anxiety and make them feel more grounded and calm. Others hate how much time it takes
and that it is a thankless chore.

If you’re in the latter category, it’s time to make cleaning a breeze. Below we have some ideas that you
can use to stop cleaning being such a pain. Read on to learn what you can do...

Make It Therapeutic
If you’ve ever suffered with anxiety, you’ll know how it can stop you from getting on with normal life. Next
time you feel uneasy, try cleaning as a way to calm yourself down. The process of cleaning can actually
be therapeutic, especially if you put on some music while you do it. Try it, and you might realize that
cleaning isn’t so bad after all.

Get The Whole Family Involved With A Rota
If you have a family, don’t let them sit idly by while you do all of the work for them. Create a rota and get
a young age, and you can get them into good habits so that when they hit their teen years, there aren't
any tantrums about cleaning their rooms or doing the dishes.

Invest In Amazing Products
You don’t need to splash all of your cash on amazing cleaning products to get the job done. Many
budget products are amazing too, but you need to find the products that work for you. Multi purpose
products are great, as they will take up less space in your cupboards and you won’t have to carry as
much with you when cleaning the house. For instance, did you know that fabric softener can be mixed
with water to clean doors without taking the paint off? That’s a tip from the popular Mrs Hinch. She
swears by simple products such as The Pink Stuff, Zoflora, Febreeze spray, Cif wipes, and white vinegar

Invest In Tools That Will Save You Plenty Of Time
As a rule, if something is going to save you time, then it’s a good investment. For example, an
automatic dishwasher will get you away from the sink after dinner and spending more time with your
family. Think about the things you do every day and what else could save you more time. People who
feel less pressed for time are happier, so don’t think of it as an expense. It’s an investment in your

Set Yourself A Goal Each Day
If you commit to doing a little cleaning each day, you’re going to have a better time than doing it once per week. 20-30 minutes or less should do it, and in some cases you may not need to clean for anywhere near that time. Plus, if you get everybody involved as suggested, you will get things done super fast so you can enjoy yourself or relax!

You can also get a maid service in Brooklyn for an added clean!

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