Stay Ahead of The Curve: 5 Ways To Get A 2019 Kitchen Today!

It's always nice to be ahead of the curve when it comes to home trends and decor. In fact, that is precisely why I
have done some intensive research on the next big thing in kitchens, so all you need to do is read on, to stay
ahead of the curve. Your welcome! ;)


You may have no idea what a beadboard is, but if you want your kitchen to be on trend you’ll need to find out!

In fact, beadboard is the coving that you see in more traditional style homes, and it can be used not only around
the wall but also on kitchen cabinets as well. In particular, using this material is a quick and easy way to update the
kitchen cabinets yourself. A process that you can get a tutorial on the video below.

Traditional materials

Next, if you want to future-proof your kitchen, and ensure it's on trend for the coming year, remember that
traditional style materials are about to be all the rage.

2019 will see stone and other naturals materials featured heavily in the kitchen.

What this means is a move away from gloss and high tech finishes and the reintroduction of textures like wood,
stone, and slate. In particular, you may wish to use natural materials such as quartz or granite that are offered by
companies like The World Stone Group, for your countertops. This is because they are not only beautiful and
stylish but hardy as well, making them the perfect choice for a high use area like the kitchen.


Concerning color schemes, black is definitely back for 2019. However, not just any old black will do. In fact, it's
matte black that is stealing the show, and adding an accent of this color to your kitchen design, either on items like
chairs, lampshade, and perhaps even taps can bring the space right up to date in an effortless way.

Smart appliances

If you want to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to your kitchen, you will need to consider the appliance you
install as well as the decorative aspects.

One appliance in particular that it worth investing in is a smart refrigerator. A gadget that can dispense hot as well
as cold water, keep different sections at varying temperatures, and even be set up to obey voice commands!
Something that could put your kitchen well ahead of the curve for years to come!  

Reconfigurable spaces  

Lastly, a coming trend in kitchens that you can adopt early is flexible, reconfigurable spaces. These are spaces
within the kitchen that can be used for more than one purpose, something that can help save on space while
increasing functionality.

A great example of this is the reconfigurable sink, which apart from having the usual tap and bowl, also has a
range of different cutting boards and preparations sections that fit over and around the space.  This, therefore,
allows the safe creation of dishes, without any chance for cross-contamination, and without having to spend time
clearing up between each stage.

Something that is indeed a revolution in the way we think of kitchen space, and a trend that it is wise to adopt
earlier. After all, the general public is bound to see its value soon, and then everyone will want one, so make sure
you get yours first and stay ahead of the kitchen curve!

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