Sun, Sea and Sights: Getting Away from Frightful Frost this Winter

Frost starts to settle on the grass in the mornings, your bedroom feels colder than ice and all you want to do is
stay indoors with a hot cocoa. Winter has landed with an almighty thud. You have never been a lover of the chill
in the air at this time of year; you find yourself hibernating on the sofa without any motivation to do anything.
With winter well and truly upon us, you’re starting to think about escaping to some glorious sunshine far away. At
this time of year your wanderlust bug becomes more apparent than ever and you want nothing more than to sip
on a cocktail in your bikini bedside a refreshing swimming pool. You’re not sure where you want to jet off to this
year, but you know you’re ready to run away from reality for a short while. Gear yourself up for some sun, sea
and sights with the following destinations; whether you’re looking for a getaway with your family or a romantic
break with your partner, you’re bound to find a hot spot to suit you. Consider all of the following places and you
will soon find a way to escape from the frightful frost this winter.
California Dreaming
Southern California is bursting with sunshine almost all year round, so you’re guaranteed to catch some rays if
you choose this as your vacation destination. Many people call Carlsbad the Village by the Sea and it is the
perfect tourist destination for someone like you. Look here for things to do in Carlsbad and you will discover a
whole host of activities to do with your family or friends. Whether you’re visiting the seasonal flower fields or
unleashing your inner child with a trip to LEGOLAND California Resort, you will have a whale of a time in cool
California without a spot of snow or frost in sight.

traffic light going to the left stop and going to the right go
Gorgeous Greece
If you’re looking for tropical climates, crystal clear oceans and stunning views then you need to take a trip to
Greece this winter for sure. You can head to the Yacht Club restaurant for some delectable and traditional Greek
cuisine. Even if you’re well and truly stuffed there will always be room for more at the popular iScream cafĂ© situated
not too far away. The next day when you’re ready to soak up the rays and put on your snorkel you could head to
Myrtos beach if you’re near Kefalonia. If you’re heading to the popular hot spot of Crete then Balos beach is a
picture perfect choice.
Canary Island Life
Situated just off the coast of Africa, you will find Tenerife which is part of the Canary Islands and it is famous for its
year round hot weather. If you’re looking for a fantastic evening night life then you won’t be sorry you went to Las
Americas or Torremolinos. The music is loud, the drinks are cheap and you will find some excellent takeaways to
satisfy your hungry stomach after a fun filled evening. If you’re looking to cure your hangover the next day then
Playa de Las Teresitas and El Duque beaches are the perfect place to relax on a sunbed, soak in the rays and
enjoy a good book whilst you dig your feet into the sand.
Sangria and Sun in Spain
If vibrant, sunny cities are your thing then look no further than brilliant Barcelona; bursting with history and amazing
architecture, you can truly get the best of both worlds with this type of vacation. One minute you could be eating
freshly caught seafood in a stunning restaurant by the beach and then next you could be hopping on an open top
bus tour passing the famous Olympic stadium. Don’t forget to visit the stunning La Sagrada Familia, which is one
of the most famous landmarks in Barcelona. If you’re hoping to inject a touch of elegance into your trip, then you
have to go for a drink on the very top floor of the swanky W Hotel too.

brown cathedral during daytime
Divine Dubai
Hopping on a plane to Dubai will probably be one of the most exciting experiences of your life. From the minute
you board the plane you will be treated like a queen, so get ready for a luxurious vacation full of fun and sun.
Head to Nikki Beach as your first port of call and put on your favourite swimsuit. If you get a little peckish you have
to try out Zuma restaurant for some of the most amazing sushi and Japanese dishes in the area. The temperatures
in Dubai can reach sky high boiling points, so you might need a welcome break from the bright rays. For an indoor
activity which gives you a little bit of much needed shelter, you should definitely look into Warner Brothers World,
which recently opened earlier this year in Abu Dhabi. This indoor amusement park will provide you with
entertainment for an entire day, whether you’re meeting your favourite superheroes, riding a white knuckle right or
grabbing a milkshake to quench your thirst.

So instead of looking outside the window longing for a holiday, you can get away to warmer climates right now.
Plan out your trip carefully and consider all of the wonderful places you could go. You can go alone or take a friend
with you; as long as you are happily seated by the sea with the warm rays beating down onto your face I’m sure
you’ll feel content. Whether you’re living it up in sunny San Diego or loving beach life in beautiful Barbados, there is
so much fun to be had this winter. Forget about white Christmases and snow angels, it’s all about sangria and
sunshine. You might also be able to soak up a little bit of culture during your time away, so it could also be classed
as an educational getaway. As soon as you have chosen your happy hot spot, you will be able to pack your
suitcase, grab your passport, throw on your favourite holiday outfit and enjoy your well-deserved winter sun.
Dare to be an awesome adventurer this year and you won’t regret heading away for the festive season.

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