Turning Your Home into a Relaxing Paradise

It’s a stressful world. We always seem to be on the go, rushing to work, dropping kids off, cooking and
cleaning, heading to the gym, meeting friends, and finding side hustles to make more money. We rarely
have time to simply be. To stop and think, or to enjoy being at peace. To relax with our own thoughts or
to do something for ourselves. Even when we do, there is something to worry about. We’re worried
about how we’re going to take the next step up the career ladder. We want to know
where the next promotion is coming from. We’re worried about how we are raising our children and who
they are becoming. We’re concerned about our carbon footprint and worried that we aren’t doing enough
when it comes to living a sustainable and environmentally friendly life. We’re stressing about our diets,
afraid that we are eating too much of the wrong things or not enough of the right. We know that we
should be getting more exercise, but there just doesn’t seem time, and with so much conflicting advice
and guidance out there, we just don’t know what we should be doing for the best. It’s no surprise that
even when we do get a little time off, many of us struggle to relax and unwind.

This is why it’s so important that your home becomes a relaxing space. It shouldn’t stress you out or
worry you. It should be where you feel calm, in control and at peace with yourself, if not the world around
you. Your home should be where you are free to be yourself, comfortable and happy in your
surroundings. It should reflect your personality, but it should also help you to expand it. It should inspire
you to be creative. It should be your own private paradise. If it’s not already, here are some things that
you might want to consider.

Take Out Insurance

Home repairs can be expensive and worrying about things breaking or needing replacing can cause
further stress and worry. Taking out a good home and contents insurance policy can ease your tension
and give you less to worry about while protecting you financially.

Declutter Each Room

A cluttered home leads to a cluttered mind. It can be impossible to relax when you are surrounded by
mess, and everything is untidy. You might always feel as though there’s something to do. So, spend
some time having a good declutter. Work from room to room, going through everything you own. Get rid
of any old papers that you don’t need and file the rest away neatly. Throw away any old or broken appliances. Sort through your clothes and donate any that you no longer want. Don’t forget things like
kitchen cupboards and your shed. Declutter absolutely everywhere and you might find that you feel
lighter straight away.

But, Don’t Be Too Tidy

That said, being too clean and tidy can add pressure. It’s equally hard to relax in a home that makes you
feel as though you can’t put a cup on a side or move a cushion. It’s ok to have a little mess if it makes
your space feel more homely. You should feel as though you can snuggle under a blanket without having
to fold it neatly straight after, and your home should make your guests feel comfortable.

Commit to a Deep Clean

Deep cleaning is perhaps as important as decluttering. You might do the basics regularly. You might
sweep your floors and clean your bathrooms every week. But when was the last time you wiped your
kitchen cupboards or cleaned your lampshades? You certainly don’t need to do these jobs all of the
time, but it can be a good idea to have a Rota, so a larger job gets done every week or month. Feeling
like you are on top of the more significant jobs can help you to relax.

Add More Plants

Houseplants are amazing. Especially big leafy greens. They improve the air quality in your home, as
well as your mood. The add color and depth and can play an important part in your décor. If you aren’t
great at keeping plants alive, stick to things like succulents that need less care and attention.

Find the Right Seating

If you want your home to be relaxing, above all else, it needs to be comfortable. Your bed should be
supportive and a joy to get into and your sofas should be soft and comfortable. It can also be a good
idea to add other comfortable and fun seating, that welcomes you in. Find out more about different
options and experiment with color and style.

Let in More Natural Light

Like plants, natural light is great for your mood and your health. Being exposed to natural light improves
your vitamin D levels, it helps you sleep, it calms you down, and it improves the health of your skin, hair
and nails. Your energy levels will get a boost, and you might find it easier to get up in the morning.

Letting more natural light into your home doesn’t have to mean installing bigger windows or French
doors. It can just be making the most of what you’ve already got. Lighter curtains that you can pull right
away from your windows, light frames and mirrors in smaller rooms can maximize the light that you let

Add Candles and Lamps

Softer lighting is a great way to change the atmosphere and appearance of your home. Instead of
relying on harsh overhead lights, add soothing lamps and candles. Candles can also be used to change
the fragrance of your rooms.

Limit Electronics

Electronics are a part of everyday life today, and most of us wouldn’t be without them. But that doesn’t
mean that they have to be the focus of your home. Keep wires tucked away and things like chargers out
of site. Incorporate speakers and home hubs into your décor so that they aren’t as obvious and limit the
electronics present in your bedroom.

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