What Should The Best Dog Supplements Contain?

There is no denying that all pet owners need to make sure they prioritise their pet’s health. One of the ways that a
lot of pet owners do this is by ensuring that their dog gets all of the vitamins they need through pet-friendly
supplements. However, as is the case with anything that your pet consumes, you need to take extra care to ensure
you are giving them the right supplements that will benefit your dog.

To do this, one of the main things you should consider is the ingredients that are contained in the supplement. All
companies will try to convince you that their dog vitamins are the best, using compelling language to entice you to
purchase their products. However, when it comes down to it, the main factor that influences quality is what the
vitamin is made of. With that being said, below, we reveal what the best dog vitamins should contain...

Vitamin E – It is important to look for a supplement or vitamin that contains vitamin E, as there is not enough of it
in pet food to meet the needs of your dog. This is a powerful antioxidant that has many benefits, including
improving cardiovascular health. This is because vitamin E improves circulation in the arteries and heart by
oxygenating the blood, thus enhancing cardiac health. Vitamin E also supports connective tissue health because it
reduces the muscles and skin’s loss of elasticity. It also reduces the number of free radical formed, which improves
immune system health. Other benefits worth noting include that it supports cellular and respiratory health,
regulates digestion, delays the aging process, prevents cataracts, and promotes fertility.
Chamomile – If you are looking for a vitamin to help your dog because it is too stressed, you should seek
something that has chamomile in it. Chamomile acts as a mild sedative and relaxant. It can help to reduce any
nervous tension or anxiety your dog is experiencing. This is important, as stress can cause other illnesses, so it
needs to be dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Vitamin C – Vitamin C is another vital ingredient that is found in the best dog vitamin supplements. Vitamin C
protects dogs from a number of diseases by boosting their immune system. Diseases include the likes of cancer,
kennel cough, abscesses, and respiratory infections. If you read information on Shiba Inu care and other breeds,
you will see cancer is something they tend to struggle with, so Vitamin C supplements are especially beneficial. If
your dog is deficient in Vitamin C, they can suffer from stress, sickness, and exhibit bad behavior. Viral infections
are also common, including distemper, skin infections, and polio, amongst many others.
Green Tea – It is a good idea to look for a vitamin that contains green tea extract. By giving your dog vitamins, you
can regulate how much green tea they get, ensuring it is a safe amount. It is dangerous to give your dog too much
green tea. However, a healthy amount is a great immune booster, as green tea contains antioxidants. These help
your dog to stay healthy, with some studies even stating that green tea can reduce the risk of cancer. There is also
a claim that green tea helps to reduce feces and urine odors.
Fish Oil – Finally, we have fish oils, which are ideal for promoting a healthier skin and coat for your dog. This
ingredient can also reduce shedding and ease inflammation that has been caused via allergies, getting rid of any
dandruff and itchy skin. This ensures your dog is more comfortable and healthier.

So there you have it: a number of different ingredients you should look out for when you are choosing the best
vitamins and supplements for your dogs. With so many supplements and products on the market, it can be really
difficult to know where to start. Nevertheless, the vitamins that have been mentioned clearly offer a wide range
of benefits. Despite this, though, you still need to do extensive research on every supplement to make sure that it
is safe and that the company providing it is above board too. Take the time to read reviews that have bee left by
others and read the packaging in full.

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