Why Wrinkles Happen And How To Cope With Them

We’re all going to age and we will all wrinkle one day. It's just a fact that no one can escape, it's part of growing up and getting old and our bodies coping with aging. They have served us for a long time that they should be able to catch a break once in a while. Our bodies need to be treated with respect, we only get one of them and yet we do things we know we shouldn’t. Sunbathing for far too long might be relaxing when you’re young, but doing so over and over as you age is not healthy. The same goes for dehydration and not drinking enough water every single day. It's a bit odd that we treat drinking water to the correct amount as if it were some kind of chore. We need around 3 to 4 liters every day but most people only manage half of that. There are many things that cause us to age quicker and allow wrinkles to show up sooner.

Predict them easily

Our bodies function in such a way that we can easily predict where the majority of our wrinkles are going to be. The way we smile, close and open our eyes, open our mouths to chew and also how our jaws open and close, you can predict where wrinkles will show up or might show up on your face. The lines around our mouths are a sign of where future wrinkles might happen for example. Anywhere on our bodies that see our skin pile up into a traffic jam, you can bet on that’s where lines will begin to form. Hence why the most common patterns are crow’s feet or the lines around the outer edge of our eyes. If you wear your hair back and your skin is pulled around the ears, here too is where the skin is put into a contract and extend pressure which might cause loose skin in the future.

Buff them out

There are lots of creams on the market that aim to buff out wrinkles by giving the fullness in the skin
back. The best creams will be using vitamin E as the main ingredients as this is what makes skin cells
tort and strong. However they aren’t miracle creams and they will require a long time if not a lifetime of
use to maintain a decent level of smooth skin. Not everyone’s skin is going to respond the same way,
but that is a given as we’re all different. Other alternatives include vitamin c as the acid in the vitamin
helps to tighten skin. This is something you would consume in your diet such as oranges and kiwis. If
those aren’t any help then you can always try botox injections that immediately smooth out the skin and
make wrinkles camouflage into the rest of your normal healthy skin. Just check that it's the right option
for you.

Wrinkles are going to happen to us all, it's no use fretting about it. The best you can do for your skin is to
fully appreciate it and not stay out in the sun for too long, eat more vitamin c fruits and vegetables, use
vitamin e creams and always get a good night of rest each day.

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