7 Things You Probably Spend Too Much Money on

Running out of money before the end of the month is an issue no one wants to face, but so many people
have to. While you may wonder exactly why you never have any cash, the answer is probably quite
simple - You spend too much of it. When it comes to your personal finances, the small and seemingly
insignificant purchases are just as important as those much larger. They add up quickly in a short space
of time, wreaking havoc on your budget. To help you avoid this and become more financially stable, here
are seven things you spend too much money on.

1. Christmas Gifts
With Christmas just around the corner, you’ll soon be buying a whole load of gifts for your family, friends,
and colleagues. While this is a kind and selfless gesture, it shouldn’t be one that leaves you without the
money you need to survive yourself. Before you go ahead and buy anything, you should take the time to
shop around for the best price. You should also search for coupons and promo codes. If you exchange
gifts after Christmas, you can save with the Boxing Day sales.

2. Named Brands
It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying clothes, food, or medicine - Buying named brands always costs
you more than shopping generic. While there are some instances where buying branded items makes
sense, more often than not, generic is just as good, but at a fraction of the cost. Take medicine, for
example - All pills must have the same dosage as it states on the box, so, when you buy branded drugs,
the only thing you pay extra for is more attractive packaging.

3. Meals Out
Ordering takeaways, buying meal deals, and eating out all cost you significantly more than you would
have had to pay had you just cooked your own food. These options are usually quite unhealthy too,
which can cost you later down the line if you become sick because of them. For this reason, you should
write weekly meals plans and aim to prepare most of your food at home. You can have the occasional
treat now and then, but you should stop it from becoming a habit.

4. Gym Memberships
We all know the importance of regular exercise, but you shouldn’t have to pay so much for it. Gym
memberships can be a solid investment, but only if you’re getting plenty of use out of them. If you visit the gym a couple of times a week at most, then you should consider cancelling your payments. Instead,
find ways to exercise for less or even for free. You could borrow workout DVDs from the library, jog
around the block, or join a free exercise class somewhere nearby.

5. Utility Bills
Gas and electricity can cost you an arm and a leg, especially throughout winter, but, with some thought
and preparation, it doesn’t always have to. Instead of turning up your heat when you get chilly, you could
throw on a jumper. You can also keep heat in your home better by looking for an
energy efficient choice for patio doors and windows and by installing roof insulation. You should also do
what you can to tackle wasted electricity, by turning things off at the socket.

6. Cable Television
Cable television is an increasingly costly and useless expense. While there are shows you will want to
watch on cable, you can do so much cheaper by switching to a streaming service instead. These allow
you to watch some regular TV channels, as well as stream thousands of movies and television box sets.
You can usually connect these services to your TV by downloading an app onto a games console,
allowing you can watch how you normally would.

7. Lottery Tickets
We all like to buy a lottery ticket now and then, especially when the jackpot is particularly huge. It’s fun to
take a chance, and, at just a few dollars, what do you have to lose? Unfortunately, over your lifetime, it is
actually quite a lot. While it may only be a few dollars this week, if you add up all of the times you have
bought tickets, it can quickly amount to hundreds. The chance of you actually winning is incredibly slim,
so you’re better off investing your money elsewhere.

Small, but unnecessary purchases may not seem like the end of the world at first, but they can build up
and ruin your finances in no time at all. Instead of wasting your cash, you should look for
ways to cut costs and save money.

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