How To Cozy Up Your Home

During spring and summer, we don’t mind how comfortable our homes are, because we’re always
outside having fun! During the fall, we begin to think about boosting the cozy levels, but it’s not a
necessity. But during winter? Then it does become urgent. We’re in full hibernation mode, after all, and if
we’re going to enjoy the period when we’re barely outside, then we need to take steps to ensure our
homes are up to scratch. But how do we go about this? Below, we take a look at a few tried and tested
ways you can seriously up your home’s cozy levels.


Plush Bedding

There’s nothing worse than waking up on a cold morning, and knowing straight away that’s freezing
outside. And equally, there’s nothing better than waking up knowing that the snow is falling outdoors,
yet you are warm and toasty! So before the real chill arrives, look at adding some plush bedding to your
bedroom. There’s a big difference between luxury bedding and budget options. Of course, you can’t
always stay in bed all day, there is, you know, that job you need to get to. So keep a pair of slippers and
a dressing gown next to your bed; it’ll make it easier to leave the warm embrace of your bed.


Creating a cozy home is all about making your living spaces feel like a den, a retreat from the harsh
weather of the outside world. A smart way to do this is to add textiles to your property. For instance,
heavy curtains will add to the overall homey feel, and also keep the heat in. A rug on the floor will also
achieve a similar effect.

Soft Lighting

Lighting has the power to change the feel and tone of the room like nothing else. Take a look at your
living room. You could have a comfortable couch with plenty of blankets handy, but if you’re relying on
one overly bright, overhead light, then you’re going to find it difficult to sink into the simple comfort of a
cozy home. Add atmospheric side lamps instead. The softer the lighting, the cozier the space!

Bring the Warmth

The coziness of your home is going to be seriously compromised if you’re always slightly battling with a
chill. As such, it’s important that you ensure your home is always nice and toasty, especially in the
rooms where you spend the most time during the winter, such as your living room. To add warmth and
seriously up the cozy levels, look at installing a fire that uses gas logs. It’ll give you all the benefits of
having a real log fire on your property without any of the mess. It doesn’t matter how cold the
temperatures drop outside if you’re nice and warm inside your house!


Finally, don’t forget to feed the senses! It’s much easier to sink into all the joys of the winter season if you’re feeling completely relaxed. Candles and incense or air diffusers will all help you to do this!

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