Selling Your House At The Right Price

If your property is on the market or you are planning on selling it this year, you need to be prepared.
Read on for some crucial pieces of advice to make sure you end up selling your house at the right

Spotting the person who’s going to get you the £££ your house is worth
Going for the cheapest estate agent you can find… Big mistake! Going for the first estate agent you lay
your eyes on… Another error! Using an estate agent because he’s your friend… Yep, you guessed it, big
Choosing your estate agent is an extremely important task! This person is going to be responsible for
something as important as selling your home! You have to choose wisely if you want your property to sell
quickly and indeed for the price it is worth.
One of the biggest errors is choosing an estate agent simply because they present low fees or low
commission rates. Yes, you want to get the most out of your property money wise, but if your estate
agent doesn’t sell your home you won’t be getting anything at all.
The best thing to do is look for someone who has a lot of experience, both in the industry and your local
area. Read reviews that have been left by previous customers to gage whether he or she has a good
reputation. You should also ask for details on properties they have sold that are comparable to yours.
A good estate agent is one that seems enthusiastic and ready to sell your property. They will come
armed with plenty of marketing ideas as well! Spotting this person is essential if you want to get the £££
your house is worth!

Add thousands to your value with home staging
If you want to increase your property’s value but don’t want to spend extortionate sums on room
conversions, conservatories, and alike, why not consider a home stager? Professional home stagers can
add thousands of pounds to your asking price with the service they provide.
What does a home stager do? This person will come to your home and offer suggestions on how you
can improve it in order to make your house sell quicker and for a higher amount. Their advice is largely
based on reworking what you already have, but they will also provide some items to add to your
shopping list. You can give them a budget to ensure they don’t suggest anything that is out of your
How much does a home stager cost? Typically you will need to pay a few hundred pounds for their initial
consultation. After this, you will pay by the hour, usually at a rate between $30 and $50. Yet, when you
consider that they can make you thousands on your home, you see that it is definitely an investment
worth making!
It is an approach with a proven track record as well – creating more space, using the right colour palette,
bringing more light into the room… all home staging tactics with proven success. However, there is
no point in investing in this if your property has underlying issues. Deal with those first, for example,
contact a 24 hour drain cleaner if your drains aren’t clearing properly. Home staging should only be
considered once all of the essential tasks are carried out.

If you follow the advice above, you will not only sell your property, but you will do so at the right price.
Good luck!

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