Seven Luxuries Your Home Could Benefit From

Did you know that when people choose to upgrade their homes, there’s an assumption that they’re
about to sell? It seems that a lot of people assume that paying out for a home upgrade that adds some
luxury to the home means that you must be ready to put out the ‘for sale’ sign. Here’s the thing:
sometimes, you just want some luxury items that will make your house look fantastic - for you to enjoy,
not for the promise of a sale.

Upping the value of the house - tiny or not - is always a massive bonus, of course, because one day you
may decide that you want to sell up and there’s nothing wrong with having some cash built in. In the
meantime, it’s always nice to check out the many luxuries that you could add to your home and indulge a
little. You’ve already laid out the money and bought a whole new house, what’s the harm in picking and
choosing things to add to make it look and feel fantastic? It’s time to get out the vision board and make a
plan, because below, there are seven luxuries that you need to start working out how to finance!

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Spruce Up The Outside
The patio wouldn’t be somewhere you would immediately think needs a home upgrade, but it’s a place
you could potentially spend an awful lot of your time. The patio in the backyard is a total extension of
your living space, and you should treat it as such. You can decide whether you want to rip the whole
thing out and lay down new patio, or whether you want to install an outdoor kitchen. Either way,
upgrading your patio adds value to your house while giving you a luxury space to enjoy. Even swapping
out the doors that lead to the patio for huge sliding glass doors that take up more wall space can add a
little something to the home and checking out these options can really help you to see that a new patio
will make a difference.

Bubbles, Anyone?
Have you ever dreamed of adding a hot tub to your home? It doesn’t have to be outside, either. Your hot
tub can be installed as part of a bathroom overhaul, and you can turn your entire family bathroom into a
spa. Prefer not to share? Why not convert the en suite into a space that you have into a miniature spa
with a hot tub for one? There are a lot of health benefits of a hot tub so it’s always worth looking into. If
your house is too small, the patio we mentioned earlier could be an excellent space for your new hot tub.

Go Smart
These days, your home isn’t a home without a little bit of a brain, and a smart house is one you can
really get on with. Being able to control parts of your home with an app on your smartphone can make a
massive difference to your house security. You can see who has rung the doorbell, manage the
thermostat for the heating and cooling of your house and you can even open and close the garage door
as you need to. A smart home can connect to things like Alexa as well, and you can make your home
smart, whatever your budget happens to be.

Add A New Suite
It doesn’t matter what size your house is, if you don’t have a spare guest room, you can always add to it.
There is a huge demand for homes that have extra guest bedrooms and most people like the idea of
having a suite for the in laws to stay in when they visit. Think of a home annexe, but actually attached to
the house and with a bathroom attached. You can really enjoy opening up an entire box of creativity
when you decide to have something like this installed in your home, because your inner interior designer
can come right out and you get to splash your imagination all over the space. The initial cost may seem
quite high to start with, but the long term gains can make a huge difference to your home. If you don’t
want it to be a guest room, you can turn it into a play area for the kids - win-win!
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A Wine Cellar
Do you have a nose for vintage wines? Instead of expanding outward, building downward could be an
option for you. You don’t need a darkened closet to hide your Merlot, but you would need a cool, dry
space to furnish your best wines. You could even have an island or table installed in the inside and add a
few comfortable chairs. It makes for an excellent entertaining space as part of your home, and if you’re a
collector of expensive wine, you’ll love this idea.

Just Keep Swimming
Going back to outside the home, have you ever considered what it could be like to have a swimming
pool installed in the yard? You don’t need something huge and full of fountains and waterfalls, but you
could need something to relax and entertain in, exercise in and somewhere to lounge in the summer
months. This website could give you some of the best options around, from installation to renovation.
Your home could benefits hugely from a swimming pool installation and it just takes a little imagination to
see what a pool could do for you.

To The Floor...
Lastly, what would it do to your home to rip up the floors and replace them? Look around you: do you
need carpet in every room? Probably not. Could you benefit from a huge change? Absolutely. Upgrading
to a more modern range of flooring can make a difference to your home and the way that people
perceive you when they walk in the door.

You don’t need a huge house to have a huge impact with luxury upgrades. Check out what you could do
to make a difference to your space.

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