What Kind of Vacation Suits Your Personality?

You would definitely consider yourself to be an avid traveller who wants to see the whole world eventually. Jetting
off to a brand new exotic location couldn’t be more exciting for you, especially when you haven’t been away for a
little while. Taking a trip that suits your personality isn’t something you have thought about, but you’re definitely
willing to give it a try. Whether you’re a city lover or a beach bunny there are so many options for you to choose
from. If you can find your personality trait nestled in any of these vacation ideas then make sure you give them a
If you would consider yourself to be a curious, fearless thrill-seeker then an adventure filled holiday will be perfect
for you. Whether you’re paying a visit to the Boutique Dive Center in the Florida Keys or you’re skydiving in a
remote location, you need to find a trip that is going to get your adrenaline pumping. What would your ideal
adventurous holiday consist of?
You might be a laid back, Zen sun seeker who doesn’t want to lift a finger whilst they’re on holiday. If this is your
idea of heaven, then you certainly need to find a beach break to suit all of your needs. Sunning yourself on the
Spanish coast or finding tranquillity in the Maldives might work very well for your personality.

A diver swims underwater with tropical fish in the Maldives
City Break
If you would consider yourself to be intelligent, exploratory and friendly, then a city break is probably the perfect trip
for you. Searching the stunning sights of Paris or taking in the history of Barcelona probably ignites a thrilling
feeling inside of you. City breaks are tiring but rewards trips that you will learn a lot from.
Foodie Fun
Perhaps you would consider yourself to be a daring food lover who wants to try everything and anything they can
get their hands on. Sipping on the delicious local champagnes in France or trying the tantalizing dishes in Italy
might be the perfect choice for you if you are a self-confessed foodie. You can’t be afraid to sample a whole host of
amazing dishes if you go on a trip purely for the fantastic food, but what better reason could there be?
There are so many advantages to enjoying a stay-cation rather than jetting off to a place far away. If you’re a frugal,
coy home bird who likes things to stay just the way they are then a stay-cation is probably right up your street. You
could drive an hour away and enjoy staying in a luxury hotel for the night. Escaping from the stresses of everyday
life doesn’t always have to include hopping on a plane to a foreign destination.

Choosing where you go on your next vacation doesn’t need to be a troublesome task, especially when you have
the answer right at the end of your nose. You don’t have to conform to the ‘normal’ trips that everybody else seems
to be doing; you have the chance to let loose and be exactly who you want to be. What will your next vacation
choice be?

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