Bullet Loves His Small Breed Canned Food By Halo!

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Recently, Bullet had the opportunity to try some can food that is specific for small breeds by Halo, thanks to Chewy.com and it was a big hit!

First, let me tell you a little about the food itself. It's a grain free formula, which is perfect for him because he tends to have tummy issues with certain grains, and it's holistic! Bullet is like my kid, I treat him as if he is my child, so naturally I want to give him food that is good for him. Sometimes, just like humans, dogs don't exactly like the flavor of food that is good for them, so I was wanting to put this to the test!

I loved how the lid was an easy open pull tab, it made it very convenient to quickly get his food together for him. Let's face it, chihuahua's aren't always the most patient :) There was no excessive juice in the can which is great because there was no mess or strong dog food odor!

Not only is it grain free, but it is also made with real meat and non-GMO peas and carrots! This provides your pooch with the vitamins and fiber they need without any artificial colors or hormones etc.

I must say I was impressed with the product and what it had to offer Bullet. I was even more impressed when he gobbled it up as if it was a tasty treat! If you are looking for a healthy can food for your pup, look no further! I would recommend this to even the finickiest of eaters.

Be sure to check out Chewy.com for all of the great products they offer!

Bullet is a satisfied pup!

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