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You might have see me post about before and all the great stuff they offer for your furry family member. But, did you know they also offer household items too??? I wanted to share this with you because if you are anything like me, I love anything for my house that represents how much I love my pets.

I am in love with my Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Doormat!

Not only is it super cute, it's functional! I have it in my vestibule for when the dogs come in from outside. It absorbs water from their paws when it rains and helps from tracking mud etc in the house. It comes in several different colors so you're sure to find something to match your decor. 

It has a non stick back so it stays in place when they walk on it and it's very absorbent! Because it's so plush it's comfy on Fido's feet and they won't mind walking on it. I know some dogs can be picky with surfaces that they'll walk on. It's extremely soft!

Want to know something else??? It's machine washable! How amazing is that? Not only is it cute for decor, durable, serves a purpose for your pet it's also easy to clean! I can't say enough about it! But, this of course isn't the only thing they offer! Be sure to check out all of their home decor type items here. I am so excited that they offer these type of items, they make great gifts too.

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