They Call It FURniture For A Reason

There are few downsides to dog ownership, but fur is one of them. Even with short-haired breeds like
Chihuahuas, an astounding amount of fluff appears around malt time. If you have a long-haired dog, the
struggle is even worse. Before you know, all your furniture could be covered in what seems like a
constant layer of fluff. As much as you love your poochy pals, the strain of that can be tough to deal with.
Before you know, you'll be shutting your house to guests until you can see your furniture again.

That’s no way to live, for you or your dog. It’s past time you found a more efficient way to deal with this
fur issue. The good news is that every pet owner has to deal with this certain times of the year. As a r
esult, there are plenty of solutions for your hour of need. We’re going to look at some of them here to
prove that you needn’t let pet hair keep getting the best of you.

Use blankets

By using blankets during malt season, you can protect your furniture from even the worst fluff. These
don’t even need to bet the high-end, pet-specific options you see on the market. Cheap fleece blankets
will do the job just as well. You can keep these in a cupboard, and use them to cover your furniture the
moment a malt starts. The blankets themselves may still look pretty bad, but at least you can put them
away when you want the house to look nice. By seeking different color blankets dependent on your pet’s
fur, you could limit that damage even further. So, give it a go.
Once you’ve gone blanket,never want to go back.

Invest in furniture which is easy to move around

Even with blankets in place, it can be tricky to keep your furniture clean when you’re out of the house.
Left unchecked, those blankets could soon find themselves on the floor, after all. That’s why it’s also
worth considering furniture which you can move around as you need to. Investing in a seating alternative
like a luxury bean bag chair could well serve you far better than a set sofa would. That’s because you
can take your bean bag out of the room when your dog is left alone there. And, that can ensure no
unpleasant furry patches are waiting for you the next time you sit down.

Stock up on hair removal tools

Despite your best efforts, the chances are that a few hairs are still going to get where they shouldn’t. That’s where fur removal tools come in. There are a few of these on the market and, while they can’t remove copious amounts of hair, they can help with those stray strands. Stick rollers are a classic and obvious option here. There are also new developments on the market like the FURemover Broom. Keep these in the cupboard, and your furniture could soon stay fur-free all year around.

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