A Straightforward Guide To Creating A Laundry Room From Scratch

Laundry rooms have long been popular with homeowners, and for good reason. By dedicating an area
of your home to laundry specifically, you can effectively sequester the process from the rest of your living
space, quite literally closing the door on the loud machine noises and heat generated during the washing

However, not all homes are equipped with existing laundry rooms - and if you want to create one, you’ll
likely have to sacrifice space in another room. Many people find that such a decision is more than
justifiable, though, so if you want to give it a try yourself, here’s a few useful tips for creating a laundry
room from scratch…

Measure your machinery

This will give you a rough guide for the size of space you’re going to need to create a laundry room.
When you have measured your existing machinery, add extra space for storage, and - if you wish - for
an ironing board.

It can be helpful to mark the space out with chalk or peg lines in your backyard to give you an idea of
how big the room needs to be to use comfortably.

When you have an idea of the space you need, you now need to consider which area of your house
you’re going to build your laundry room within.

You don’t need to take the space from your kitchen

It’s important to note that you don’t have to take the space from your kitchen; though this is a common
choice, you can use any room in the house providing at least one wall of the space leads to the exterior
of your property, and - ideally - has a window.

On the latter point, it is possible to have a windowless laundry room, but most people prefer natural light
so they can inspect garments; if necessary, you could look to have a new, small window fitted.

Consider corners for an easier building process

It’s often easiest to choose a corner, complete with a window and exterior wall, to use as a laundry room.
This choice means you only have to build two internal walls, making it a far more straightforward process.

Remember the door

One of the major benefits of a laundry room is the ability to close the door, isolating the noise of the
machinery from the rest of the house, so keep this in mind when making the final decision regarding
your space.

With all of the above achieved, and your chosen space carefully defined, you’re now ready to…

Build the walls

There are various methods you can use to build the walls of your laundry room. You can
build an internal wall yourself, which is relatively simple to do given the wall won’t be load-bearing.
Alternatively, you can contact a professional to create the wall on your behalf if you’re looking for
something more robust.

When the walls are built, you can then hang the door - and the shell of your laundry room is now

Install your machinery

You will need to hire professionals to perform plumbing work, vent a laundry drain, and check the
electrics are all safe to use.

Add storage

You will need storage to hold detergent and other laundry-related items, so use the extra space you
initially decided on for this purpose. If space is at a premium, consider using wall shelves for extra
storage that requires no further floor space.

In conclusion

With your new laundry room up and running, you should find your management of the clothes washing
process is dramatically improved, and your life is far simpler as a result.

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