Determining Sofa And Cushion Quality

If you are going to spend your hard earned cash on designer cushions and designer sofas then you want to make
sure you are getting quality in return. A lot of people see the ‘designer’ tag and assume that all furniture and
accessories are automatically of the highest quality because of this. Nevertheless, that is certainly not the case.
There are no guarantees and so just because you have gone down the designer route does not mean you are
going to get optimum quality in return. Instead, you need to have the basic knowledge in order to be able to
deduce yourself as to whether a product is of a high quality or not. Here’s what you should be looking out for…

With regards to designer sofas for your home, you need to pay particular attention to the frame, the seating
support and the filling. A high-quality frame is pivotal in ensuring a long lasting product. Make sure it is strong,
sturdy and durable. You shouldn’t only be looking for a good quality of material, but you should also pay particular
attention to the joints.

The joints need to be glued, screwed and dowelled to perfection to ensure nothing is loose or will become loose
over time. Any loose joints could cause your sofa to break while being transported to your home! No matter how
good the company is providing moving services, they can’t protect a piece of furniture that is barely holding

A good sofa will have the corners strengthened with reinforcing blocks for added support. Aside from this, the
seating support is important. The three best methods are as follows; the eight-way hand tied springs system,
sinuous spring construction, and web suspension. So look out for one of the three.

And finally, the last test with regards to the quality of a designer sofa relates to the filling utilized. Down cushioned
sofas are excellent for those seeking a sofa that is really soft. You can also use down with a combination of other
materials too. Nevertheless, these two options are usually highly expensive, and thus if you are restrained to a
budget you will likely be buying sofas filled with polyurethane. There is nothing wrong with this – merely make
sure you go for a high density to ensure a better quality and higher comfort level.

Now, let’s deal with designer cushions. You should look at the stitching. There should be no signs of any loose
threads. Aside from this, quality fabric is imperative. Cushions get moved around a lot and are used frequently,
thus a high standard of fabric is essential for ensuring longevity.

Not only this, but fabric affects the overall image of the cushion too. Anything from luxurious velvet to glamorous
silk is recommended. And of course, you also need to consider the filling of the cushion too. You need to make
sure there is a substantial amount of filling inside the sofa so that it is comfortable. There is nothing worse than a
cushion which feels like you are lying on a feather.

If you consider all of the points that have been mentioned in this article then you should have no issue making
sure your money is well spent on designer cushions and designer sofas that are of a high quality.

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